Video: 87 Bounces


For some reason vimeo flash stuff does not play, although most of the other embedded flash objects in Boingboing do. Course, I have Firefox kind of locked down with flashblock (which isn’t the problem), adblock, ghostery, etc.

Wow! Nice! I usually don’t expect more than 2 bounces when I come to boingboing.


Psshhh, lucky shot.

No way could he do that again.

I’m just impressed they got it all in one take.


It’s like the Forrest Gump of the sports world!

Speaking of Forrest Gump, they forgot to credit the clip at 1:40.

Misspelled “Scorsese”, too :stuck_out_tongue:

I have often had problems with embedded Vimeo vids – not sure if it is firefox or firefox + the stuff that you mention.

Edit: Just tried this one. It played right away – must be HTML5 because I have the flash plug-in set to need permission every time.

Was mainly wondering if it was just me. I have other browsers more or less just for things like this (coming to rather like Ice Dragon) and also so that I don’t have to resort to IE, which I’ve never warmed up to. Thanks for the input.

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