Lovely owl jars for your kitchen or laboratory


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Owl jars for owl science?


My avatar approves.


plus, keeps the Echo Dots company




I’d drink out’a those.


The jars are not what they seem.


That’s not a bell jar…do you really store stuff in bell jars in your kitchen? That would be weird and cool but seems pretty impractical.


Ball jar, autocorrected.
But I like the image of a lot of bell jars with a variety of things in his kitchen.


I do. Pretty much anything that comes in bulk, paper bags (flour, sugar, etc) or atmosphere does weird stuff to (thickening starches, granola). I use the plastic lids to avoid the hassle of the two-part sealing lid and rust.

ETA: Makes me wonder why you think it’s impractical. I like that I can see contents, wrote on and erase labels, the come in every capacity and two major neck sizes, dead cheap and they look great. What do you find impractical about them?



May not be air-tight :wink:


My avatar says, “Be gentle”.


You know me too well friend.


This is a bell jar:


Note the bell shape and lack of any sort of lid. If you want them airtight, you put them in a dish of some appropriate material (oil is popular).

They are good for suffocating mice in the name of science and storing microscopes on the bureau.


Wha? Oh. Oh dear.

I’ll be leaving now. No, don’t get up…


A bell jar is an upside-down jar. It’s one of those glass dome-like things that you see in old museums.

Bell Jar!

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