Great way to store food in cupboards: wide mouth ball jars and plastic lids


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I don’t know about the plastic lids, just use the canning lids and you can clean them and reuse them. Just not for actual long term canning. Also don’t forget the funnel


I use these for all sorts of things - kid’s slime, bacon fat, compound butter and other spreads that I’ve made, spice mixes. I prefer these to canning lids because those tend to rust after a few runs through the dishwasher.


I have a vacuum sealer and got the wide mouth jar attachment for use with the canning lids. Vacuum sealing works great for maintaining freshness in flours, nuts, pasta, bulk candy, etc. The nice thing about leftovers in a jar is that they can be microwaved or heated in a pan of water. I have had certain jars for over 20 years now, definitely a better deal than plastic containers.


Don’t forget the wide-mouth funnel. Trust me. You’ll love it.

something like this one — there are lots of them


I nearly read that as ‘wide-mouth frog’. (It’s an old joke and it’s stuck with me - I cannot see the phrase ‘wide-mouthed’ without thinking of the frog. I remember Dave Allen telling it on TV the first time.)


If you use “Bonne Mamma” (?) jelly and have a house of 5 kids you can generate several new mini-jars every month. We’re up to 60 and use them for glasses and storage.


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According to Ernie Pyle, fried chicken will keep for months if placed in a sterile mason jar.


Tupperwares work for me.

I got rid of all my mismatched ones and bought maybe $20 worth of Glads last time I moved. It was great, I had only 3 kinds of lids and even I could figure out what went with what.

Then they found out I was happy, and in revenge, they redesigned their entire product line and discontinued all of mine. I switched over to 3 kinds of Tuppers and haven’t had a problem… yet.


I drink my whiskey from a mason jar, with out a lid by the way.


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Food and how to store it…a perennial concern of humankind.


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Wide mouth glass jars already fitted with one-piece metal lids and suitable for storing in cupboards, are available pre-filled with Uncle Walt’s Swarm Bustin’ Totally Raw Honey (may contain unavoidable bee parts) in some localities.

Plastic lid versions can be obtained pre-filled with organic peanut butter from your local natural foods store.



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Oh how I long for the glass mayo jars of days long forgotten.


Here’s a shocking revelation. You can actually buy things like spaghetti sauce and mayo in glass jars - WITH plastic lids! And, like, wash them instead of purchasing new jars and new lids. But, hey - keep on consuming America! Those virgin plastics are the best!


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Fantastic item to eat soup with… also compatible with most cereal!

Seriously…I too have a collection of ‘Ball jars’ used to store leftovers or lunch items. They are useful. You do have to replace the lids every few years as the rubber gasket wears out.

Just wait until you hear about SALAD In A JAR.


You can actually buy things like spaghetti sauce and mayo in glass jars - WITH plastic lids! And, like, wash them instead of purchasing new jars and new lids.

Valid point. But I buy whatever brand is on sale and end up with a variety of jars and lids that don’t quite match.

That said, I probably have about fifty empty Cream-Nut peanut butter jars because I like their red lids.


I keep my gouache tubes in jars.