Great way to store food in cupboards: wide mouth ball jars and plastic lids

chocolate cherries soaked in white dog, oh hell yes.


There have been several BB articles on spoons.


I never got the enthusiasm for ball jars. You need a funnel and/or patience to get food in that narrow opening. And dealing with cleaning the threads. Even the lettering is one more hurdle to clean. Rusted sharp metal lids or plastic lids that always seem way overpriced when I see them locally.

Why bother when there are short wide glass food containers with easy locking lids. And they are thicker glass and tempered so they don’t break easily. They come in squared shapes that maximize fridge space. The cost is not much more than ball jars and plastic lids. There is a good reason storage containers aren’t shaped like ball jars.

I have to go with ‘stuff white people like’ to explain why people use these. Seems like it is some sort of nostalgia/hipster thing.

But has Cory ever appeared in “Me and My Spoon”?

During WWII, my Grandmother mailed my grandfather fried chicken from West Virginia to California where he was stationed. It was greatly appreciated.


why plastic lids??? the metal ones work just as well and can be washed and aren’t made of MORE FUCKING PLASTIC.

Uh, yeah, if you bothered to read the post and look at the image, this is a recommendation for the wide mouth jars ffs.


Also, of course I read that as mothball jars.

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You seem to be thinking of plastic containers, like the ones you get from the deli or the Chinese restaurant. Yes, we’ve all had mixed and mismatched plastic containers & lids and yes, chucking them all for a REAL set of plastic containers & lids is a great idea (personally, I use the Rubbermaid ones.) THIS article is about a totally different topic: storing pantry items in glass jars, specifically Ball jars, which have been around since the days of prehistoric man and haven’t been redesigned.

Actually, it was the dozens of mismatched containers my ex brought home from church suppers. No two were alike, so every time it was a treasure hunt. And I know my comment was peripheral, except to add there’s more than one way to store food in cupboards.

Because they rust.

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Why I Love My Wide Mouth Ball/Mason Jars

  • I do canning. With a proper funnel, you can neatly fill the jars.
  • They last forever
  • The metal lids are easily replaced and degrade better than plastic (look for them on sale around harvest times)
  • They all use the same size lids.
  • They stack and store easily.
  • They’re cheap if you buy a dozen now and then during sales.
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not if you dry them.

It’s easier to deal with one piece instead of two.

Are there one-piece metal ones?

Bonne Maman. I’ve been recycling those things for home-made jam forever. They breed, I’m sure. Haven’t bought new ones for a long while, but never seem to run out no matter how large each year’s fruit harvest is. (Currently over a dozen jars of jam on hand, but it’s several months since harvest time, so I guess we made 20-30 jars of jam last year.)

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Well a lid would just get in the way. Unless you need one of those ‘sipping’ lids as used by toddlers. I suspect you don’t need a sipping lid for your whiskey, somehow, Papasan.


I use these for pre-making a week’s worth of breakfast oatmeal. Sunday night I make five jars of refrigerator oatmeal, then just grab one each morning for breakfast.

And yeah, the metal lids rust astonishingly fast.

Pssst – now we know what to get him for his birthday!


We may be too late for this year - I expect he’s having a birthday right now.