If you are cooking at home, these twist-lock containers are good for leftovers

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Personally i prefer to use glass containers when possible. I do have pyrex ones with lids, they’re occasionally a little bit unwieldy in which case my other favorite alternative is large wide mouth mason jars with plastic lids since those can be used for loads of things in the kitchen. I do keep some plastic containers and they’re handy for larger pieces of food but as i mentioned before i really try not to use them if i can.


I have some of them and they are NOT leak-proof at all.
I hope they paid you well for claiming that they are.


I’ve got them and have never had a leak.


I’ve found that they are leak-proof when new, but you can ruin that if you heat things in the microwave with them, which can warp the plastic and ruin the water-tightness of the threads.


I’ve standardized on these containers, the 1L and 500mL ones share a lid, which is good, and really like them. Don’t microwave them, though, you’ll warp the container. They last a really long time if you treat them well.


I have a bunch of these. Use them a lot.

I put some stew in a few, and put 'em in the freezer. The stuff expanded as if froze, and UNSCREWED THE CAPS.

I don’t fill them all the way, now, when they’re destined for the freezer.


That would make sense. We don’t nuke anything in plastic anymore. Storage is great but once it hits heat it’s in glass, ceramic, steel, or iron. I don’t think all plastic is bad when heated but I’m not willing to do the work to make sure all the random plastic we have is ok.

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twist-lock containers

… you mean “jars?”


Yes, although most people think of “jars” as being made of glass, not plastic. And the brand name is “Ziploc Twist 'N Loc Containers”.

Anyway, the larger ones of these (32 oz) are good for things like using as drink containers (you know, like when you have a canned drink that’s going to draw ants so you want to put a lid on it). It’s also good for things like storing mayonnaise in when you buy the 1 gallon size but don’t want to deal with the 1 gallon container each time you make sandwiches.

ETA: I popped the word “bink” into the dictionary and it says that one of the definitions is “a Scottish word for an open rack of shelves for storing dishes.” Wonder if that’s how they came up with the name for the clumsy Gungan character from Star Wars Ep. 1. Hmmm.

I’ve had one in my fridge for over a year. I keep pickled jalapenos and carrots in it, because the best brand comes in a tin can. It gets flipped over, knocked on the floor, etc. No leaks so far. Glass is probably better for microwaving and cleaning, but stuff falls on the floor so often at my house…

I have a much taller one that holds 2-3 cups and I keep left over drip coffee in it. Once the coffee goes cold I add it to the tub. When it is full, I make two glasses of iced milk coffee for my wife and me. (sometimes with brown sugar and boba if I have them)

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Been using these for years, love them – my usual modus operandi is to make a big pot of soup or stew or pasta once a week or so, partition it into these containers, and then I’ve got multiple choices for lunches and dinners.

They are leakproofish for the first few uses, but yeah, with microwave and dishwasher use they degrade after a while. When stuck at home it isn’t an issue, but for take-to-work lunches I make sure I have one of the good ones before packing it in the lunchbag, or just grab one of the frozen ones so leakage isn’t an issue in the few hours until lunchtime.

My only real complaint is that over the years they’ve made some changes to the threads/lids or something, because some of my Ziploc-branded ones don’t match up at all, making the final assembly a bit of a “keep trying different lids until you find one that matches” game.

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This headline cracks me up. “If you are cooking at home…”? You can have leftovers from take-out, right? I mean you don’t need to be the one cooking and you don’t need to be cooking at home in order to have leftovers, do you? Everyone cooks at home, don’t they? Cooking at home as opposed to what or where? Oh! I got it! These containers are only good for home cookin’.

Also weighing in that these are fantastic. We standardized on these; they come in a 2 and a 4 cup version that share a lid and it’s basically the only Tupperware thing we keep around anymore, because you just need ONE LID. So we just have a big drawer full of lids.

We microwave them pretty regularly too, to save on dishes. They get groady after a while; I believe that they’re recyclable in many places so no big deal. It also takes like about a year of use I think?


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