This set of 6 nesting stainless steel bowls are great for potlucks

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The best thing about remote working this year was that there wasn’t a single office pot luck.


Just the other day I realized that I had pretty much forgone all my fancy expensive food storage gear in favor of the cheap plastic containers I get from local asian restaurants. They’re super sturdy, possibly microwaveable, stackable w/o taking up much room, and ubiquitous – like, I must have 100 of them – 80 of the full size ones (maybe a liter?) and 20 of the smaller half sized ones.

And the lids are just in a huge pile; I don’t have to futz around trying to find a matching lid – I just grab one and go.

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Some local take out places have been using really high quality containers during the pandemic. If I had not used them for second, third etc uses on things that should be no where near food - I suspect they would have lasted a year with regular use.


Everything is microwaveable if you are bold enough!


After a bit of digging, I was surprised to learn that potlach and potluck are entirely different etymologies.

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I’ve heard that before and I still don’t believe it.

At the very least the concept of potlach precipitated the semantic shift of potluck from “random food” to “food offered by attendees at a communal gathering”.

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I accidentally put a tinfoil take out container with a lasagna into the microwave… and NOTHING… no sparks… NOTHING!!

Wake up people!!!

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