Plastic storage caps for wide mouth canning jars


Eh. More than one Amazon reviewer says they leak. Too bad, I’ve been looking for a solution to the lid-and-ring hassle and was hoping to use them in my lunchbag.

I’d agree with them. They’re a bit crap for keeping anything too runny in the jar if it gets inverted but just fine for keeping open pickles in the fridge.
I have a few Bormioli “Quattro Stagioni” lids around the place for lunch-box-jar lids which work better.
They’re a one-piece preserving lid, so have a rubbery seal on the underside of them and the 70mm ones fit regular Mason jars perfectly.

They definitely leak, but they’re great for storing dry stuff, like rice.

The great seal of the lid and ring is the entire reason that I use Mason jars for storing my dry goods. And it’s not like that big of a hassle.


Plastic? We’re talkin bout PLASTIC?

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