Attachments that give you an excuse to use mason jars


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Somehow someone managed to make mason jars even more pretentious.


agree - they should make them resizable to fit my ragtag fugitive fleet of maraschino cherry, pickled onion, stuffed olive and suchlike fruit-n-veg jars i seem to have in abundance


Just don’t store them next to the Dixon jars.


Actually I’m thinking of Hatfield and McCoy jars. Never mind.


Oh, now you’ve crossed the line!

Also, I’m sure there is a terrible and juvenile phone prank somehow involving Dicksin Jars …


Sorry, my mason jars are already full of what they’re supposed to be full of: booze from my still or old nails. Sometimes in the same jar.


I just hope you don’t mean fingernails…


Step 1. Make a hole in a jar


Step two better involve carefully filling the sharp edges down; otherwise the next step will be get to the ER :open_mouth:


Who needs an “excuse?”


I have a solar LED light lid on one of those super-shorty 4oz quilted crystal mason jars, and it’s awesome. It normally lives on the windowsill in the kitchen, providing a night light in the downstairs, and I always take it camping with me.

Unfortunately I do not know the origin of the parts. The lid was a gift from a friend six or seven years ago, the jar from a different friend (full of corn cob jelly) a few years later.


Don’t bother with a file. Get a butane torch and heat the cut edge until the glass starts to smooth over all on its own.


piggy bank? isn’t that the easiest one to DIY? i mean, “punch/cut a slot in the lid” is pretty simple for almost anyone to do…


I hear Rob found one in his new house, but can’t figure out how to open it. There’s a Kickstarter to find someone with really strong hands who’s good at opening jars. Maybe someone’s spouse?


I can’t tell if this is just a wishful thinking design project, if the guy is doing a Kickstarter, if they are available for purchase anywhere. I can think of half a dozen more uses for a repurposed Mason jar (along with the ever popular ‘can stuff in it’). Mason/Ball lids also fit a number of commercial bottles too; it’s the main reason why I buy the Safeway house brand of spaghetti sauce.


If they were good enough for Howard Hughes and T. Herman Zweibel…


God damn, a mason jar would make a terrible cocktail shaker.


Now you’ve crossed a line.


That attachment didn’t pass legal.


I always thought mason jars were for burying money: