The best pickling jar

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ok, this is probably a hipster thing to say – and i embrace it because i was hipster before it was cool – but Weck jars are the jars i drool over. i want a set or three so badly. sure, you can get your Ball jars in faux vintage green, or the new awesome purple color, or blue… but Weck is the shit.

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40 bucks? Is it really 4 times better than a Mason jar?


i love pickling and have been using ball jars for a while. why are these better/worth the extra cost?

I see what you did there.

I am no longer the only picked ginger in the house.

You too, Beschizza.

Personally Ball work just fine for my needs, especially now that I’ve got those plastic screw tops previously recommended here. But those Weck jars are cute - make me want to put on a gingham dress and make jam.

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i first read about them at Food In Jars. (here, specifically: – they differ from U.S. Ball jars in that the rubber ring is reusable. (you’re not supposed to re-use the Ball jar lids, only the rings). maybe they would pay for themselves in savings on lid costs, eventually? i don’t know. all i know is, they sure do make for pretty canning.

Weck jars look cool sitting on the shelf but IMO every other aspect of their use is a giant PITA. You have to use the fussy clips, the tops are easy to drop and chip, and using them for a condiment you want to conveniently access is again a problem as they aren’t inherently reclosable.

Ball jars with screws lids are so much more functional and significantly less expensive.

If you feel strongly about reusable rubber seals then I’d recommend bail top jars with captive lids.


Fuck that noise. Going to ferment some dills in a crock.

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My firs thought was that Mason Jars are what used to get me well pickled back in the day – they actually facilitated my phase change into Liquid Cary.
Late 80’s at The Red Shed

Best photo that I found of the brine (not me or anybody that I know).

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You don’t want to know what I first thought I read you were going to go ferment in that crock…

Have you ever tried fitting a whole Mason into a Mason jar? Total rip-off WOULD NOT BUY AGAIN.


Hey man don’t hate on blue faux vintage ball jars. I keep my pipe tobacco in them… and I may have just proved your point right there.

Yeah the seal is wax (used to be bees wax, not sure what its up too now) but they’re perfectly reusable provided your not full on canning. Once you heat the jar/melt the wax its a no go. But if your just using those bastards for dry storage or in place of tupperware you are good to re-use them as much as you want. If you want to be super dodgy/poor you can get a second very suspect use out of them as my grandma used to. But replacement lids are like 25 for 2 bucks or something so I’ve never found it to be an issue.


I dunno. Madison was pretty small.

Can you use this drink a glass of ice tea? Is the wire and metal bits easy to detach?
Is it easy to clean…does the hardware rust over time.

Heck…even the ball jar lids get rusty, especially if you’re making cabbage or other high salt pickle type things.

I’m not going to poo poo, but they look like more expensive Kilners. Which I also abandoned for anything other than dry goods.

Ball/Kerr are just impossible to beet ( :smiley: ). And bulk fermentation should either be open air or airlocked.


My personal favourite : Le Parfait
The name say it all.

But to be honest I usually just recycle any old glass jar of pickles, compote, tomato sauce, etc.
Just as good and less expensive !

You mean ‘pickled’ surely?

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yeah, i re-use them for non-canning purposes constantly, and in a pinch i’ve even tried re-using them for canning, with limited success. sometimes it just doesn’t work, sometimes it does. when i’m canning now, i just buy new lids for peace of mind.

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