Make a jerry can travel bar


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Neat, but that coke is taking up too much booze space.


my thoughts exactly. where do i put my shaker and bitters with all that soda in the way?


Four cans…three glasses. Maybe make some mesh suspension so the glasses can “nest” and sqeak a 4th in there?


Very nice. The use case for this is probably riding in the jerry-can holder in the back of a jeep. Then you can have a drink when you get to your campsite. Which brings up two minor issues. The sodas are likely to get fairly shook up, sitting above the rear bumper. You kind of want to carry them centrally where they won’t be subject to as much motion. They’re going to get warm if you’re driving in the desert. So this wants either insulation and ice or a Peltier thermoelectric cooling unit. Both of these mean that you’d have an easier time with the mixers inside the vehicle in a cooler. Leave the booze inside this and hanging on the outside of the vehicle so you might not be violating open container laws.


Thinking the same. Personally i don’t like whiskey but even then i think that adding coke to it ruins the booze. Same with rum and coke. It just takes like an overly sweet mess of a drink to me.

If i had one of these i’d likely do one with all spirits and one with all beer.


I would use collapsible metal cups to save room and leave more room for booze. Perhaps find a way to securely affix the collapsible cups to the outside of the can. Alternatively it looks like there’s space on the upper part of the can, might be possible to find space on there to stash the cups.


Well depends on the whisky and that stuff he has as an example is just fine to be used as mixer with coke.

But I would rather have better whisky a shaker, vermouth, bitters, and cherries for making manhattans.


I quite hate whiskey and coke so i would rather use the space for anything else :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


also - no velvet in there? they will bump around I think. I like this idea though - anyone want to make it for me?


If Red = gasoline, Yellow = Diesel fuel, and Blue = Kerosene; what is the color code for Whiskey?



Julian wants to know how you feel about rum and coke?


Equally gross. I hate flat soda and those drink mixes go flat instantly and taste terrible. Would rather drink a good rum, neat.


Hmm, ochre perhaps?


my guess would be brown.


The Tennessee flag might look good:


Hmm. Good idea. I’ve still got a couple of those laying around:


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