Reusable lid turns jar into coffee mug

Cuppow is a a reusable lid that turns a glass canning jar into a travel mug. They have versions for regular and wide mouth glass jars. It’s made in the USA from BPA-free, Phthalate-free plastic. What a great idea! Amazon has the regular mouth size for $8; you supply the jar. Cuppow Regular and Cuppow… READ THE REST

I believe 7-11 offers these free.

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Given that it’d be uninsulated and have no handle, I don’t see a significant net advantage vs. other solutions…

I reuse canning jars by canning.


Brilliant. Before sticking that plastic lid on top I never would have figured out that you can drink out of a jar.

I hear version 2.0 will come with a handle as well so you don’t burn your fingers.


Hmm - based on the success of this, I’m tempted to start selling a $12 straw, perfect for use with Mason jars.

It’s no special plastic or anything, but I’d give each of the straws a stern talking-to so they’ll at least feel badly if they end up messing with your hormones.


On a side note does no one make stainless steel canning rings/bands? Seriously, after a couple of uses they are shot, and I certainly reuse the jars much more than that.

And here I was wondering why my snark meter suddenly pegged itself as I loaded bb.

Mystery solved!

Oh wow, only $8 for a tiny chunk of extruded plastic? What a deal!

I saw the picture and I thought: That’s a pretty clever for $.25, but the price point they’re trying to sell them at just does not make sense. You can get a real insulated coffee mug for less than that, and it won’t burn your hand.

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Dunno about stainless, but fer shur you can buy fresh sets of bands and tops.

Cuppow also makes containers that hang from Mason jar lids to hold, say, veggie dip or salad dressing, which seems even more useful:

I agree with the commenter about hot beverages. Someone needs to sell a Mason jar-holding heatproof sleeve.

I’ve had mine for about nine months, and they’re high-quality and fun. Insulation isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, especially on a chilly morning commute, but hipsterknit yourself a cozy if it’s that important to you. They fit a lot of quart jars as well, in case you need a LOT of coffee.

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Next you’re gonna tell me that people buy empty jars. Thanks to teddy peanut butter, I offer the following solution:

Can you cut the flange off a plastic disposable one instead?

I own four of these Cuppow lids, they’re perfect for my morning and lunch home-made smoothies. Out of the Vitamix, into 32-ounce canning jars. Slap on the lid, Cuppow, and ring, blammo, porta-lunch!

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I haven’t seen stainless steel (price point would be too high to support economies of scale, so it would end up being a really expensive boutique item…). But you can get really nice one-piece polypropylene lids for canning jars. I recommend those.

Weck makes glass lids, but you have to buy their jars.
Tattler makes reusable plastic lids

You can drink out of the jar regardless, of course - but if you try to use a jar sans lid as a travel mug, you’ll have the usual sloshing problems.

Moonshine to go!


Hooray for astroturf!

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Sorry to be parental about this, but it also seems like it’d be inviting a source of non-safety glass into a car.

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