Reusable lid turns jar into coffee mug

You should take that idea to Kickstarter. Everyone who pledges $25 get a pierced lid. For $50 you throw in a straw “borrowed” from McD.

It’ll go nicely with this:

Looks like Kickstarter is quite the place for mason jar mugs.

$20 and up, seriously (and they reached their target, too)?

Wait, what? No, really, I like these things. I used to just do smoothies outta the open top, but like, I solved my first-world-problem.

Yet another overpriced thing you can make yourself for significantly less. A 1 cup plastic Ball freezer jar fits neatly into wide mouth Ball mason jar:

Just saying, I was drinking out of canning jars long before Martha Stewart.

/hipster off

You’re close, but you missed the price point of $15 that they’re currently selling for at the local tourist stores:

On Pinterest, you’re more likely to see suggestions for using mason jars on Decorating and Crafting boards, than for use in preserving food for the winter. Canning and preserving too are experiencing a revival as an art form, not so much out of necessity as pure competitiveness. I have cases of them in the basement, from half pint to half gallon.

Hadn’t seen a pin for turning a jar into a sippy cup or a Big Gulp though. Let me just grab that jpg…

When I was a kid we had mason jars with handles. It’s funny how those never struck me as odd until now.

I think there might be a food chemistry issue with stainless maybe? Like I think you can’t store peaches or tomatoes in steel.

Mom was a nurse in the late 60’s, early 70’s and talks about the number of buttocks she had to stitch thanks to dumbasses sticking glass flasks in their back pocket then sitting on them.
I guess nurses 40 years from now will talk of all the palms they had to stitch from dumbasses falling off their fixies with sippable mason jars firmly clutched.

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Since I can’t reply to the others that have comment on my stainless issue I’ll just put this here:

The metal screw band is what I want in stainless. I realize that it is possible that you can remove the band after the seal has set, but that was never something we did. So the first time around the screw band is a little tough to get off, if you go for a second use it’s likely you’ll need to whack it with a knife handle to break it free. Stainless would solve this issue, and considering a 12 pack of lids is only about $1-2 dollars cheaper than bands with lids I think a dozen set of stainless screw bands could be made for $20 if not less.

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This looks a lot like the lids of the ceramic faux-paper cups. The big problem I had with these (at least the one I bought several years ago), is that there was no air hole, so drinking from it was a lesson in the physics of the vacuum.

I’ll start by echoing what others have already said: it seems a bit high priced for what it is, and the lack of insulation makes it somewhat unsuitable. It would be a cute accessory for those novelty canning jar mugs with handles, sure.

Honestly, I think a year or two ago I could have easily gotten on the front page of BB by writing about how I make cold-brewed coffee. No, really! I run about 6T of beans through a hand-crank grinder (Burr grinder! Ook!) and dump it into a pint canning jar with a solid lid; the lids came from salsa packaged in canning jars. (Repurposing! Ook!) I leave it overnight then put a filter in my coffee maker and pour the liquid and grounds into the coffee filter and wait a while. (More repurposing!) Et viola, cold brewed coffee and I didn’t have to buy any extra equipment. (OOK!)

I’m just kiddin’ ya, guys; I like seeing these kinds of gadgets, even if Treehugger would file them in the Just What The World Needed Dept.

You can buy 6 plastic Ball jar lids for about $3 and drill a hole in them, then use them with a straw.

I tried one and hated it. I personally find the hole to be too far in on the Cuppow lids combine that with non-insulated mason jars and this has to be the worst improvised drinking solution possible. i really don’t understand why hipsters insist on doing things the least intelligent way. Besides all my mason jars go to preserving foods.

I spent slightly more ($18) and got a very nice vacuum insulated leak proof mug with silicone lid that is a snap to clean and beautiful to boot, and perfectly mimics the form factor of the disposable coffee cup so it triggers my pleasure receptors which have been nicely trained to enjoy that shape.

For cold drinks i save the larger cousins of these style bottles:

They sell bbq sauce in huge amber ones around here, but even the green beer ones are nice.

For that elusive doomsday-prepper-and-the-city look.

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Contigo is the way to go for travel mugs, spring loaded spill proof, and not too bad to clean if you let it sit around, dishwasher safe (well, you may loose some of the decor if you use the dishwasher).

You can have it knocked out of your hand while you are drinking, and not spill more than a few drops.

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