Low price on a Raspberry Pi 3 B+

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2019/09/09/low-price-on-a-raspberry-pi-3.html

Personally? The new 4 4gb model is sooo worth the upgrade. I use it as a desktop and it is surprisingly capable.


It looks like the deal is $30.50 which is $4.50 cheaper then it was just a few months ago when it was the RPi’s top of the line product.

However the RPi4 is now out which is $35 (with $45 and $55 models with more RAM). The RPi 4 has a lot more I/O bandwidth and a much faster CPU and GPU. So the $4.50 savings may not be that great a bargain. On the other hand the RPi4 also requires more power (and power via a USB-C link at that), so if you have a power/weight constrained project the RPi3 may be a better product for you (or the RPi Zero), regardless of the price differences.

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Thank you–was about to ask how much it’s on sale for!

Waiting for the hash check on my Raspbian SD card right now so I can boot my RPi4.

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