Lucky Ducky and the return of the Deficit Hawk!

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A new Lucky Ducky! Thank you, R.B, that always makes my day.


It’s like the end of The Lighthouse ugh

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Fortunately Biden has decided to fight against this tooth and nail, by surrounding himself with people already saying that austerity measures are on their way.




But we can’t run a surplus!!! Because. . . we can’t! I mean, what if we actually start paying off the national debt or something?

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We will not speak of such a thing in this household, young generic person!


I used to think republican voters were just stupid for not seeing the hypocrisy but now its clear that they all feel they are in on the scam. So Fuck them.


Austerity measures are for common people. Corporations and millionaires will still get to gorge at the government trough. The Democrats are only slightly better at throwing sops to the plebes than the GOP.

If Biden manages to restore some of the ACA it will be hailed as a great victory, instead of the failure to provide healthcare for everyone.

How about austerity for Exxon? How about austerity for corporate bailouts and sweetheart deals? How about austerity for corporate liability? How about austerity for banks? For the military/industrial complex? Austerity for big pharma?

No, it will be austerity for Head Start, austerity for the EPA and the EOC. Austerity for the IRS and for OSHA. Austerity for school lunches and for the Veterans Administration.

If Biden falls for this ‘austerity’ crap then he’s no better than Dubya.


I just renewed my ACA coverage. Just like every other renewal the premium went up and the coverage went down. Have a choice of two insurance companies in my state. Just two. One is outrageous, the other even worse. And that’s the least expensive option in the state for an individual.

Its better than being at the mercy of these wolves, but its not working, not even close. We need M4A, period.


Well since all of the centrists are losing their shit over the scary wording of slogans (looks at Obama), might I propose in the spirit of compromise that leftists change it to “Austerity For Police”.


I do NOT have enough likes for this. But you have changed my slogan use as of right-now, so hat tip to you good (or at least witty) person!


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