LUSH introduces new SUPER MARIO-themed soap

Originally published at: LUSH introduces new SUPER MARIO-themed soap | Boing Boing

The lack of these kinds of tie-ins is exactly why the original Super Mario Bros movie didn’t do so well.

I’m sure the current movie will be just Pratt fine.

I love Mario and his world, I’ve been playing since the NES days, and I even have a Boo tattoo. I was interested in the peach body spray until I saw it. Could they have tried any less, it looks like some industrial spray chemicals rather than body spray. That’s no way I would get that, especially for 45 bucks.

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I hate the overbearing stench of their products wafting out the doors of their stores every time I pass them.

Plumbers like to smell nice too.

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Interesting. See, Lush has a no advertising policy (of sorts.) They don’t get celebrity endorsements or advertise on TV. I wonder what the thought process was behind this - it seems off brand.

In a surprise twist, it clogs your bathroom drains

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