Luxury South African safari train where work is forbidden


Work isn’t forbidden. Notice the server in blue with white trim? And that’s a mighty clean train car they’ve got there.

Oh, you mean the customers who can afford to ride this particular train because their capital makes money for them? They don’t work so hard during their day jobs, either.


I don’t really see this being any different than for example bars/clubs that don’t allow cell phone use

there’s something to be said for separating work and the rest of your life regardless of wealth status!


Well you wouldn’t want to lose your amateur status…(another relic of the idea that only passive income from real property justifies one’s presence in the true upper classes)

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Be a shoe!

If anyone is looking for a good vacation that doesn’t cost money, employs no assistance in the endeavor, has no behavioral rules attached, and takes place free of historical genocide, I highly recommend a self supported kayak trip to Antarctica.


Do they give tours of the engine? Or do I have to fight my way up there for a look?


All that aside, I fucking love fancy trains.

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Buy me a kayak, Richie Rich :slight_smile:


No kidding. My wife keeps asking for a kayak, and I tell her, “Who do I look like Nanook of North Bel Air?”.


It was never gone - just in hiding for a while…

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