Luxury Star Wars wristwatch is $28,500


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Gosh I hope it comes in rose gold!


Dude! That’s almost three times as many credits as the already-inflated asking price to charter a smuggler ship to Alderaan.


For that price I expect them to throw in an actual, functioning, flyable TIE fighter.


So if the Dallas cowboys operation buys one they have $3,999,971,500.00 left.


I can give you 2000 for it now.

I might have to sell my car.


It looks like it’s running a few parsecs slow. . .


So is this evidence that the meek have truly inherited the earth, or that meek culture is just more accessible…?


If you’re going to buy the watch…er…“Luxury Star Wars wristwatch”, that is, I highly recommend the optional $1,800 twinned-gold, emissions-shielded, super-high capacity USB charging cable. You’ll be able to tell time like no time before!


Does it come in black? Like extra black or is that extra hundred more?


At the risk of sounding all “before it was cool,” I think I liked being a geek better when it was a subculture instead of the culture.


Back in the day BB included watch p0rn. Nice mash-up. Too bad it’s a sell out.
Speaking of which, how about the BB sales catalog spam? Awesome, huh?


Occasionally I regret having a conscience that restrains me from spending my time separating fools from their money.


You only get the super-limited ultra-black edition when you buy the extended service warranty on the thermal exhaust port, but I’ve heard people really regret not buying the warranty. Then they just end up having to buy another and we all know watch diameters are only getting bigger and more expensive with each generation.


If nothing else,the normal Devon watches now look a steal at $11K.


Black enough that light falls into it, and when you touch the black panel, a little black light lights up black to let you know you touched it.


That sounds like a description of Hotblack Desiato’s stunt ship.


That watch works great until a tiny speck of dust gets into the exhaust port on the side, then things really go to shit. Imperial engineering, am i right?


Yeah, I think I’m with you. I still have the SW watch I got for my 8th birthday. Don’t believe I’ll be needing another.