Lyor Cohen: the Doctor Evil of rap music

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The music recording industry has always seemed to have a particular attraction for truly thuggish executives (including, at times, actual gangsters).


What kind of psychopath names their baby Liar???

No wonder he ended up in the music industry!

Seriously? It’s Lyor and it means ‘light’ in Hebrew


insightful video about a guy I’d only heard of via rappers. Chuck D’s beef with him seems a glaring omission:

In any case the lp release date was pushed back twice, causing the group much frustration. All this was compounded by the lack of support the group received from the label for ‘He’s Got Game’. Behind the scenes there were some major rifts between Public Enemy and Def Jam label heads Russell Simmons and Lyor Cohen. The rift had reached a point public acknowledgement when the Chuck D put up a website and let his beefs be known in his bi-monthly commentary called ‘The Terrordome’. Here he referred to Russell Simmons as ‘Hustler Scrimmons’ and Lyor Cohen as ‘Liar Conman’.



Nice! I learned a few things. :hugs:

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