M. Night Shyamalan's The Village has same plot as 1965 comic book

I saw it at the pictures and remember getting very cross. Wasn’t there a +1 Baseball Bat of Plot Significance involved as well? stupid film. Even by Shamalamadingdong standards.

Man. Thats 2 hours and ten bucks you’ll never get back. I caught the last hour of it on TV, and was still pretty pissed off.

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I want to see a movie in which humans invade invade a planet where highly corrosive acid falls from the sky and every single life form has acid-based blood like the creatures from Alien. And all the human invaders are naked and unarmed. And they coordinate attacks by stomping down grass because they forgot to bring a radio.


That would be a really stupid film!

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THE TWIST: There’s a director on Venus who already made such a film and was roundly ridiculed for it! (The only reason he was ever taken seriously in the first place is that audiences loved his earlier work The Sixteenth Sense.)

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Is that the one where the Jovian kid hears deaf people?

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Funny, this morning I saw someone on the nets call Shirley Bassey Burly Chassis, which is what I’ve always called her. And now you’re calling Shyamalan Shamalamadingdong, which is what I call him. :slight_smile:

I guess this is slightly on topic as it does show that when 7 billion people are thinking about things, two or more of them are going to come up with the same idea.

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It’s been an ongoing peeve of mine that alien invaders, whether friendly or bent upon conquest, seem universally stupid. Why do they never have clothes unless they’re almost perfectly human? Why do they never have a plan for landing on an occupied planet besides “Let’s land without permission and say hi!”

I quite liked ‘Unbreakable’ too. Although I remember thinking at the end, “That was OK, but I hope he can get over this ‘big twist’ thing”.

I can’t remember which media stream I heard this in, but it was recently, and the gist was that research scientists call it “multiples” when several people working the same problem come up with the same solution, independently.

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We are in agreement, sir.

Not a plagiarist, just really, really bad.

OHMIGOD! It makes sense now!

He wrote ‘The Happening’ to explain the aliens in ‘Signs’!

See, their alien plants made them depressed and suicidal, so they took a mission to poison-planet to prance about naked. That explains why they make no sense!

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Since Time-Warner owns DC, I don’t see why they would sue themselves for using something to which they legally have access.

Maybe they preferred that time. Maybe it gave the elders more control. 20th century kids would just get on their dirt bikes and go exploring.

No. The Amish don’t try and fool their children into thinking there is no modern outside world, and being baptised into the church and accepting segregation is, at least for some, an adult choice made after experiencing that outside world. The resulting village lifestyle might be similar, but the “surprise” plot is completely inapplicable.

I saw something recently that explained it as an alien frat hazing. “But two-thirds of the planet is covered in poison!” “Right, not only can’t you take any real weapons, you’re doing it naked. Any more complaints?”.


That makes more sense than the argument someone made to me that because they’re advanced, they’ve grown beyond clothes. Or any type of insignia or ornament or saftey gear, apparently. And it still makes “butt-nekkid” a poor choice for exploring alien worlds.

Actually, the same argument goes right back to H. G. Wells’ The War of the Worlds. (Spoilers: the aliens are completely unprepared to deal with atmospheric pathogens.) I recall reading some commentary on how it is supposed to be symbolic of the fear of cold intellect triumphing over bodily, corporeal needs and sensations.

No browsers, no web. It’s like Fight Club where Ed Norton is shown at work putting the phone handset into one of those accoustic modem crables in a movie that came out in 1999. Because the scripts had been in development only a couple years earlier, the internet as we know it doesn’t exist.

Superman went through the Time Barrier to his future (our past) and swiped parts of the plot to Shyamalan’s movie for a story. He does it all the time. Because he’s a dick. A Super-Dick!

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