Macedonian strongman contests election and obituaries for his opponents appear on Imgur

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Interesting sense of humor. Or lack thereof…

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“US and EU ambassadors to Macedonia” equals “Macedonian strongman… opponents”? I did not know ambassadors worked that way, but I guess everything has changed.

Pushing as it is to the very last day of the year, there is no doubt that the right-wing populist darkness of 2016 will push its way well into next year.

Macedonia always holds a special place for me as one of the most Balkan of Balkan places. Back in the 1990s when I worked in TV news, we’d get constant angry calls after every show from various factions over what we called the country in news stories. It was a real-life version of Judean People’s Front vs. People’s Front of Judea.


Ambassadors from many countries have a long history of undermining leaders that don’t “know their place” and try to run things without running it passed “their betters”


I agree with this article 100%. Only a Milosevic-like strongman and his cronies would ever blame an electoral upset on the interference of a foreign power. The notion is preposterous.



hmmm … VMRO-DPMNE … is it possible to find a less pronounceable and harder to remember name? Or maybe I’m missing something, and it just rolls off the tongue for a Macedonian speaker.

Nope. I know just enough Macedonian to tell you that, no, it doesn’t. VMRO you can pronounce easily enough. DPMNE… not so much.

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