Machine learning manipulates photos to change the subject's gaze


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Some of them refuse to look me in the eye. I wonder why.


No software required…



Would be fun if it could (with permission) use your webcam to either follow you with it’s gaze or as you suggest give you the cold shoulder. Or maybe as a kiosk art installation so it doesn’t have to get perms to peoples webcams. Then record people interacting with it.

Ah! even better photograph the person, and feed that photo into the system and then watch the real person interact with the kiosk version.


I feel like I’m playing with a Terry Gilliam cut scene animation.


Click back to the homepage of where that’s housed to find all sorts of amazing graphical toys!


Setting Mouse Pointer to “Tardis” and firing up






This page has its own version of the common web design issue “flash of unstyled content”-- in this case, the flash of disembodied eyes:


Unstyled? I’ve seen those eyes before…


I’m quite sure the “machine-learning” aspect that is being talked about is only applied to the eyes in the webtoy, the rest of the face is animated with a regular semi-3D trick.


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