MacKenzie Scott to donate another $2.74B to charities, Jeff is going to space for 11 minutes

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Possibly my favorite headline. Wry, spot-on.


At times i think MacKenzie Scott might be in danger of giving Billionaires a good name. Can one good apple improve the bunch? nahhh…


Are MacKenzie Scott and Melinda Gates friends? I want them to be friends. What I really want is them to watch “The First Wives Club” and get really, really inspired.


Yep, this is why the TAX CUTS and “jobs” Act of 2017 was so very very necessary and why we absolutely must not change a single part of it in order to pay for infrastructure.




Don’t worry, I’m sure this money will trickle down through a near-endless series of charitable foundations/etc managing to wet the beaks of countless MBA’s and failsons until the actual actively issued money winds up in the endowment of an extremely well-funded private university.


Jeff is going to space for 11 minutes



An 11-minute ride into space that costs millions of dollars is basically how I feel when I look at people buying fireworks for $80 a rack.

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So, the model is to sell tickets to people with excess money, and this helps humans, how? Is his getting richer helpful to humanity? Couldn’t he just hire a bunch of scientists/engineers, to go to space and do “making the world better for humans” stuff, and avoid the middlemen of rock stars, heirs to fortunes and Kardashians in space? I mean, fewer rich tourists down here, yeah, I could see that being beneficial, but I don’t think we’re going to have time to miss them if they’re only gone for 11 minutes. Or is he going to pull a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and there’ will be five golden tickets in random Amazon packages, and the 11 year old that survives Bezos Space Camp gets to own Amazon?

“Hoard” is really the only word for that kind of wealth. A billion dollars is too much for any one person to spend even if they wanted to; moving that kind of cash basically requires hiring a whole team of underlings just to help you find things to buy.

I wonder, when Billionaires read The Hobbit do they identify with Smaug?


the new york times published an editorial which scathed ms. scott for not creating a foundation with a large bureaucracy to give targeted funds which would require the recipients to use the money for only the thing the donor wants them to work on and no other. translated into plain english they seemed to be saying “she’s irresponsible for letting groups do what their experience says is best and she’s not enriching enough middle men along the way.”


Or as they call it at the NYT, job security. /s


And I think MacKenzie agrees with you:

“she wants to donate ‘fortune that was enabled by systems in need of change’”

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Wait. Jeff is going into space for 11 minutes. And these crazy-ass videos last 11 seconds. What does it mean?

Good: Somebody donating 2.74B to charity.

Better: People not having that kind of money to throw around in the first place, because god damn.


Cull the herd?

Also, my fervent hope is that at some point someone asks Ms. Scott about Bezos’ 11 minutes in space, and she has an answer that’s some version of “well, that’s longer than he usually lasts.” But I’m petty as hell.


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