Mad hamster performs backflips


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It’s rabid?



That’s me after one too many tipple.


The Behavior Problem Behind Hamster Backflips When a hamster does repeated backflips, it’s a sign that something is wrong.


“I trust you…I trust you…I trust you… I trust you…”


At first I thought, “I’m going to have to watch this hilarious hamster for an hour every day!” Now I’m more depressed than before, just depressed in a whole new way.


It’s weird, when you think about it: animals in distress are just as amusing to watch as animals that are simply enjoying themselves in an unusual way. when I visited the aquarium at Golden gate Park many years ago, a dolphin swam in a loop in its tank, hitting it’s head on glass every time it passed. While that wasn’t as amusing to watch as this little guy, neither was it taken as a sign that something should be done.

As far as the suffering that’s caused, neglect isn’t really much different from abuse.


This type of abnormal behavior has often been observed in animals kept
in stressful situations, such as small enclosures or overcrowded

That’s what I was thinking. It may have adopted this behavior while standing up on the perspex walls trying to get out?


Enough with the political commentary already.


This is why cruelty to animals was considered good fun for the whole family until the late 19c. Then liberals had to ruin everything.


In Peru they call this marbling the meat.


You’re right. Politics doesn’t apply to the ones inside the cage.


Perhaps it is just trying to fix a bad back?


“The rites must be observed…the rites must be observed…the rites must be observed…the rites must be observed…”

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