Mad Men to mad man George Lois: “No, Fuck YOU!”

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George Lois has more creativity in his pinky toe then all the Mad Men series put together.

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So George Lois’ complaint is that Mad Men doesn’t depict his particular style of douchebaggery?



Myopic egocentric twat refuses, loudly and inarticulately and voluminously, to come to terms with heliocentrism.

I agree that Lois can be pretty abrasive, but Mad Men totally ignored what was happening in the advertising world in the 1960s. It was a soap opera that used the advertising business as a prop. There was a creative revolution. Lois was part of it, even if he was a credit hog. Everyone in advertising was a credit hog. Meanwhile the entire structure of the business changed, the creative process was restructured, the look, tone and approach of advertising changed and Mad Men captured none of it.

(Every so often, there would be a tease, at least for those who knew something about the business, but every time the show would reach for the soap.)

My bot got a bit carried away today, and made at least two tweets from this headline.


But - BE STILL MY BEATING HEART - Michael Dooley favorited one of them!!!

There’s an interesting This American Life episode by Sarah Koenig, host of Serial and the daughter one of George Lois’s contemporaries Julian Koenig, interviews her dad, who tells some interesting stories about George.

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Wait – you mean Mad Men wasn’t a documentary?

I feel so cheated.

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