Mad Men with party horns in lieu of cigarettes


this is awesome. in version 2.0 (I hope there is a version 2.0) I propose that they replace the smoke with glitter/confetti.

This is clever. Ellen is always good clean fun and it’s always fascinating to detect the delightful influence of Bob Newhart in her work (her stand-up delivery is dotted with Newhartisms) - also it’s interesting to follow the further “mainstreamism” of Boing Boing. Ellen Degeneres is one of several talk show hosts (Fallon and Kimmel among them - Jay Leno, not so much) at the cutting edge of mainstream, middle-America comedy. I’m wondering if and when Boing Boing will fully embrace the glories that are Honey Boo Boo and the Kardashians (one can only hope) - luckily you’ve got the Rob Ford saga nailed…a mainstream lovefest that tops them all.

PS - what would have been less funny but more technologically current, would have been for ELLEN to replace the “Mad Men” cancer sticks with e-cigarettes. Eh, probably not funny at all…


I really hope this is sarcasm. It has to be.


except boingboing followed Rob Ford long before he was mainstream.


Sarcasm is a weak man’s game - subtle mockery is where it’s at!

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Noise pollution too, eh? All the more reason to make them go outside.

I kid, I kid.

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