You can own the actual furniture from Mad Men

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There are people who can make such a TV work, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

An interesting footnote is that a couple of the production designers for Mad Men once both lived in a mid-century neighborhood just outside of DC. They had lots of reference materials at their disposal!

“(Hollin Hills) Notable residents”

“Over the decades, Hollin Hills has attracted artists, politicians, and political liberals.[11] Notable residents include former CBS newsman Eric Sevareid,[12] former U.S. Representative James G. O’Hara (1925–1989),[13] United States Senator Pat Roberts, singer Roberta Flack,[14] architect Michael Sorkin[15] and the production designers for Mad Men, Dan Bishop and Jeremy Conway.[16]” - Wiki


I had an Imperial convertible.
What a piece of crap that was.

I can smell the stale cigarette smoke.

How much for Bert’s tentacle porn?

Edit: how lame. It’s not even on there. Neither is Ginsberg’s nipple.


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