Made in Italy: Overpriced, hand-painted, 50s style refrigerators

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If you pay $50,000.00 for a home appliance then you are most certainly not involved in the cleaning of anything beyond your ears.


I thought I’d never have to say anything even remotely like this: Those fridges scare me.

I think it would be vastly cheaper to buy a state-of-the-art fridge then hire a decent artist to paint it up.


Seriously. I like those but not $50000 much of like.


They do look nice.

Unfortunately, the degree of ‘actionable like’ is directly proportional to the health of one’s portfolio.

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I understand that these wil be very popular in the distant future:

Also from Smeg:

Does the refrigerator at least come with a retro refrigerant?

If it’s full of some hideously safe post-freon minimally-ozone-depleting fluorocarbon it might as well be beige.

Real refrigeration adds a delicately ammoniated tang to all around it; or at very least the invigorating knowledge of having nothing but a delicate heat exchanger between you and something reasonably poisonous, dangerously flammable, or both. Is it really the same without methyl formate?

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