MAGA couple tries to explain why slave-owners were anti-slavery (video)

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Thomas Jefferson kept his own children in bondage. Children he fathered by raping an enslaved child.

“Things were different back then…” well, sure. Some of the most evil practices imaginable were legal. Doesn’t make it right, and it doesn’t mean that no one recognized those practices as evil at the time.


And many millions of right-minded folk were outraged by the institution of slavery “back then”.


Amateurs - they didn’t even try a feeble ‘Jefferson was bringing the system down from within’ argument.


“Things were different back then”

Sure, back then some people thought enslaving others was morally acceptable. Actually, I guess things aren’t so different now…


Ron DeSantis’s claim that Thomas Jefferson and his fellow Founding Fathers were opposed to slavery is correct, even as they themselves were slave owners

DeSantis later clarified his remarks by explaining that Jefferson’s supposed slaves were not really slaves, but Antifa activists pretending to be slaves as part of a false flag operation to make Jefferson look bad.


They also aren’t clever enough (for certain definitions of “clever”) to espouse the position of certain right-wing Libertarians that slavery is perfectly fine if it’s entered into via a voluntary contract (I wish I was kidding about this).


I mean, their deeply contradictory answers kind of match Jefferson’s real-life actions- He’s notable for occasionally speaking out against slavery and writing against it in theory, but never actually taking much action on the issue, and never taking the opportunity to free any of the people he held as property.

A lot of things can be correct about someone whose position is “I’m against this so long as it isn’t personally inconvenient”.


This part is too subtle for MAGAs. He was opposed to slavery in theory, and mostly because he felt that it made whites lazy. He was perfectly fine with the state of Africans in slavery, because he felt that’s where they belonged. And in practice he was fine with it because he didn’t want to be murdered, and he felt that Blacks were incapable of being civilized, etc etc etc. Plus, he was able to rape a slave woman at will.


Of course Jefferson’s own enslaved children were seven-eighths white, and three of the four who survived long enough to gain their freedom after Jefferson’s death chose to live out their adult lives as white people in the free North. But they weren’t lazy, so actually Jefferson was doing them a favor! /s


Just dropping off the Jefferson / Douglass Epic Rap Battle of History.
Cause those guys do good work.


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