MAGA man gets very confused when challenged about his slavery claims (video)

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I thought the guy was going to blow a gasket when the interviewer asked who was trying to take down confederate statues. Beautiful.


I know BoingBoing doesn’t directly control which ads appear on this site but I thought it was funny/sad/infuriating that there’s an ad for a “Trumpinator” bobblehead at the bottom of the post.


LOL. Who is writing the ad software, because this product selection is about as far from the target audience as you can get.


Which is why I was more than happy to disrespect them.

I’m kinda glad you got sacked. Berk.


Reactions like that always remind me of Star Trek:


Yeah, it’s actual cognitive dissonance on display.

I believe that he believes they got along. But if he refers to them as ‘transgenders’ I can guarantee they filed multiple complaints about how this guy was treating them.


But soon after that claim he describes various ways that they did not, in fact, get along and even says that they subjected him to harassment.


I mean, some asshole, somehow, is spending ad dollars on this target market. That’s going to be about a 0.000000000000000000% return on their investment.


I got tired of watching his bullshit, so I didn’t watch the whole thing, but that tracks. I’m sure the harassment they subjected him to was either (a) actually talking to him, or (b) complaining about his behavior. Or both.


I gave up when he said he got fired for using wrong pronouns. Nobody in their right mind is going to fire a person for that. This guy was probably drinking on the job or stealing from the workplace.


No, you didn’t. They were happy to be rid of you.


That’s not enough. They should be getting A THOUSAND TIMES THAT.


Is anyone else tired of the crap these morons spew about their “RELIGIOUS BELIEFS”?
JFC I’m 61 and I was alive when they switched parties! I have also waited over 60 years for a journalist to do an interview and nail their ass to a tree by making them PROVE THAT THEY FOLLOW ALL OF THE RULES of their religion and/or their BAHBUL!



““Because they’re trying to change the history of our country,” said the MAGA man.”
Yeah, someone is trying to change history. Newsflash, it’s not the Democratic Party or the NAACP.


I didn’t make it through the whole clip either.

Cringey doesn’t begin to describe The Gentleman’s tone and his responses.
A main tenet of their religion and the revolutionary attitude their prophet promoted is love, or maybe Love. Has he even read the New Testament?

I got the distinct feeling that he was just about to say “some of my best friends are–” or “my one transgender friend–” etc.

I am grateful for the work of Adam Mockler.

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I’ve been to church a lot and taking several religious courses, and I don’t recall ever there being a doctrine of refusing to use a person’s preferred pronouns.

I have read a lot about Christ commanding people to love their neighbors as themselves and to serve their fellow man.

He is using his religion as an excuse to be an asshole. If it was a violation of the 1st Amendment, he could sue, but he can’t because it isn’t.


Plus, Jesus never mentioned homosexuality or gender nonconformity. Not once. There’s some stuff in the Old Testament, but even a lot of that is ambiguous about what it’s actually talking about. Someone a few months ago told me “Jesus says it’s [homosexuality] and abomination!” I told him Jesus never said that and, in fact, never mentioned homosexuality once. He told me I was wrong. You can’t have a debate or discussion with people like this because (a) they clearly haven’t read the book they supposedly base their beliefs on, and (b) when you do come across one who has, they’ll just rationalize everything to fit what they want to be true.

And, once again, I am not saying all Christians are like this. They aren’t. There are open minded Christians. But they aren’t the ones causing problems. Although some of them could speak out more.


Agreed, though I DO think some try to speak out more, but the media loves it’s just-so narratives that allows for far right Christians to dominate the discussion. Very few people are asking mainline Episcopalians or Quakers what they think about topics. Now and again, you’ll get an evangelical speaking out against the fringes of the movement, but it’s few and far between… the extremists drive ratings, so those are the people they tend to put on. It’s frustrating, because they are clearly a minority of Christians in this country…


I am by no means a biblical scholar, but I’d challenge them to find me that passage. Anyone who brings up Leviticus is going to be a huge hypocrite, based on how many other things in there you aren’t supposed to do, that people do all the time.

And moreover, Christ created a new Covenant, so it supersedes Leviticus.

They are willfully ignorant of their own scripture, and choosing their interpretation and understanding of it to line up with their bigoted views. :confused:

As Mindy said, they are a minority, but they have a persecution complex and complain the loudest. People and companies that cave to them need to ignore them.