MAGA man actually believes 2.6 million lives saved by "blow Joe" gun owners — until Google chimes in

I don’t know a term for just saying a two word term backwards

That is an Arseaboutfaceism.

I was trying to work out how “Blow Joe” somehow tied in to with “Dark Brandon”. :thinking:


A top notch Qultist would have said the Google result was further proof that the lizard overlords were controlling all access to information…

…hold on, lizard overlords - that’s the next conspiracy over isn’t it?


Once you get over the 10 fingers and 10 toes, numbers don’t mean much. 2.6 million, 1.5 million… (shrug) It’s all the same to your average blow joe.




Thanks for posting this! Ya, that’s quite a stretch, not just extrapolating 45 self reports, but then morphing, “used defensively” to, “saved lives.”

Agreed, and thank you for your continued work!

Mainer here. Can amplify your calling bullshit on that. I think Olympia Snowe was the last “reasonable” repub, in our Maine tradition, that we sent to DC. Collins used to be okay but she showed us who she was under Trump. Conscienceless. And a hypocrite. Have your dad look at her Twitter feed. She’s constantly lauding the economic benefits to the people of Maine from bills she voted against!


“Blow Joe” – isn’t that the secret MAGA team that fights against the forces of COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act)? Occasionally they recruit from Meal Team Six or the Gravy Seals.

Their motto is “Knowing is half the problem!”


Yeah, not “Joe Blow.”


This guy can go blow whatever he’s smoking up his ass.
It’s like saying smoking prevent lung cancer.


Aside from the fact that the statistic is nonsense; what about the purity of compartmentalization required to talk about it like it’s a good thing without being troubled by the implication that nearly 1% of the US population is saved from death only by the immediate availability of lethal force every year.

Even if you think a Hobbesian war of all against all is pretty cool; I’d think that you’d find that depressing given what it says about the levels of impulsivity and poor forward thinking: it’s not like every social contract is upheld by consent and general decency all the time; but even the ones who have some humorless professional social contractors to lend them weight normally get a lot of their compliance from people who can anticipate and seek to avoid trouble with those contractors and not do whatever it is; not people who rush heedlessly into antisocial violence until checked by mere animal fear at the last second.


2.6 million Blow Joes? I bet the actual count is less than 69


“It might not be exactly 2.6 million, but… He and Selvig settled on 1.5 million, but …”
I wouldn’t even go that far. My guess would be under 100 times a year across the country.

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It’s a good thing we have all those guns. Otherwise we might end up increasing the total global murder rate by 5x.

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Next? My friend, that’s been a going concern since the 70’s! There was an article about the V miniseries making the rounds in which the show runner says he gets lots of email from QAnon types thanking him for exposing the truth.

ETA: found the article! The ‘V’ Files: The Shocking Legacy of an ’80s Sci-Fi Cult Classic | Vanity Fair


That article is a good read!

In Lewis’s book [It Can’t Happen Here], the United States is torn apart by a flamboyant blowhard politician who uses fearmongering and empty promises to the working class to win election before consolidating his power, shattering the traditions of governance, breaking any laws that constrain him, and stoking paranoia and division.

The executives at NBC—which two decades later would premiere a show called The Apprentice —found this all to be far-fetched.


“blow Joe” is a freudian slip

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