MAGA woman at Trump rally: "I'm coming here hoping I can get my surgery done" (video)

There are a lot of conflict emotions in me triggered by that statement but I will just say this: are they goddamn same thing?


I don’t honestly know, but I never saw or heard evidence of it. He was old enough (this was in the early 2000s) to have been subject to the draft. He gave good haircuts, but I quit going there shortly after his “socialized medicine” rant and found a place run by Vietnamese women that I prefer.


Unfortunatly not one that will fix this woman’s back.


I was hoping I’d never know of Maquoketa, Iowa again. The sea of red idiots is not even the biggest reason.

No, it’s because a particularly reviled ex had me use my vacation week one year to visit her birthplace and family there.

But hey, at least I know I’m one of the few people seeing this that knows how to pronounce the town’s name!


Yeah, because first, you need reading comprehension, which this woman clearly lacks. The second next best thing is social workers and services to help navigate through the maze that we mistakenly name “health care” system. And third, be somehow qualify for the narrow definition of “poor” or “not” poor but can’t afford insurance. They make damn sure through policies and propaganda that anything acting as social safety net is associated with shame, stigma, handout, etc… all terms that are now under “socialism” umbrella. I was angry at first but feel sad and depress later about these people keep voting against their interests even though their survival depend on it, all in the name of hatred. They will keep going to the deep end until they drag everyone else over the cliff with them. What happens to this woman is just the start. Climate change will exacerbate this manifold as seen with the pandemic.


An ignorant and disastrously misinformed person imagines that she’ll get government help with her health issues by supporting the same people who are actively working to ensure people like her will be driven into bankruptcy by medical costs, if they aren’t denied health care outright.


Though I’m sure Trump would be willing to do it, I think the “laying of hands” part of the travelling circus grift is usually done by Rudy.


Trump would definitely do it. All he has to do is say the Magic Words “Get this woman the back surgery she needs!” out loud to no one in particular.

Like when he says “FOOD FOR EVERYONE!


Pretty sure Republicans are in the business of getting rid of things like medicare


Of course. It’s not like he’s capable of writing a letter to that effect.


Additionally, she may have both private healthcare and Medicare. If that’s the case, both insurers can attempt to foist her claims on each other, as confusing as Medicare can be, private insurers are worse, as they are in the business of providing as little care as they legally can. And there’s also Medicaid, another gov’t player. And if she was injured in a car accident, that’s a different insurance pathway, and work accidents are something else. Medicare and Medicaid are supposed to function as a backstop for all of these, but it’s not necessarily easy. Surely only Trump with his wisdom of Solomon can sort it all out, but I recommend she may not want to leave her paperwork with him, he’s not great about returning important documents.


Medicaid, but yes, they are trying very hard to eliminate it, mostly by starving it of participants so they can claim the eventual surplus as evidence the program is not needed. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I don’t know where everyone keeps seeing Medicare in the OP, but this sad woman is talking about Medicaid. Just because she looks like she’s over 65, my bet is she’s not. Poverty ages people almost as much as hate does.


“RSBN” :confused:

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oh jeebus christ


… all the nonsense about “health care reform” is especially disappointing when we realize Congress could just wave its magic wand and have Medicaid cover everybody, forever, at any time :roll_eyes:


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It never occurred to me that some MAGAist’s actual needs are as granular as their brains.


There are also more than a dozen states under Republican control who were given a huge chunk of money by the Federal Government to expand Medicaid coverage - except that they (including Texas) have refused that money because it was provided by a Democrat who they opposed. They’ve spent years trying to discover some way to divert that funding for their own purposes. It’s still available to those states if their rulership ever changes.


Should be a caveat statement to the effect of use it for its intent or loose it.

You have 24 hours.


If we had universal health care then we wouldn’t have to worry about signing up annually, applying to keep benefits, etc. We spend huge amounts of money to make sure the wrong people don’t get care and that makes it much harder for the right people to get care. But there are no right or wrong people, just people who need care.


… and it’s not like they don’t know who everybody is

All the paperwork is meant to drive people away, not establish identity — if the government suspected you or me of a crime it would take them only a few minutes to find us, even though we’ve never filled out any forms at the precinct house