Trump wants to cap lifetime Medicaid benefits, even for disabled people, the chronically ill, and people with Alzheimer's


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Well that would certainly massively reduce medicaid spending. A large majority of its money goes to paying for care for very ill people. Essentially the elderly in nursing homes and other very seriously disabled people.

Much more effective than cutting healthy people, like the work requirement would do.


Somebody should hijack the the sound system the next time Paul Ryan takes to the microphone to play this.


So what you are saying is that “death panels” were republican projection, just like everything else they accuse anyone to the left of them of?


Totally sounds like a “Culture that Reveres Life.” Yup. I mean, what’s more pro-life than letting old and sick people die!


If Trump hadn’t passed that test, I might think that cutting Alzheimer’s care was a courageous self-sacrifice.


Actually its kind of interesting.

This might be time based, like you get x months of medicaid in your life or something, rather than actually we will spend X dollars on you

So, essentially, you’d have an incentive not to sign up for medicaid unless you had a problem you could not afford, to preserve your months of coverage until you need them.

It also fits a pattern I see in recent republican policy in not being all that bad for old people, and kind of delaying the suffering a while. The lifetime limits have to run out first, eh?

Anyhow lots of suffering for republicans to revel in. Children will cry.


If the misers really wanted to save money they could, you know, pay for research that could solve Alzheimer’s and make most cases treatable. The fact some minor breakthroughs in understanding of the disease has been made recently. That should compel them to throw more money at those avenues to see if they’ve yet been exhausted but it seems they’d rather have their money now than more money later from treatments/cures. All the improvements to general productivity and over all human happiness that such things could bring just seems immeasurably greater than a few bucks saved today. Going after Medicaid funding is just disgusting.


And I am sure they will bring in the same caps for elected officials…


I never ceases to amaze me what sadistic depths are left to plumb.

I am fearful rather than self-congratulatory as there are many who live in the same province as I who look to the US and Republicans for inspiration on how we should run our government.


Its amazing in a horrible way.
Its like those people actually try to be as horrible and evil as possible. They are cartoon villians with actual power.


They can just go to the emergency room, like everyone else. The one option left that can’t refuse to offer care. I’m sure ERs are are ready and have capacity for the additional “emergency” care required.



No he doesn’t. Paul Ryan has been whispering in his ear again.

Trump wants a parade!


Just so long as they still cover bone spurs.


Sure, we’ll throw you a big one! Sit right up in the front row to make sure you don’t miss a thing.


On a serious note, our major public hospital had to open up a secondary intake recently to handle the flu cases that were coming their way. They were already over loaded, and this was set up to help them handle the load. And they are a level 1 trauma center, too, so they see lots of crazy shit and can handle a lot.


Be proud Trumpkins, be very proud of your dear leader.


Bumper sticker idea:

:us: :elephant: KILL THE POOR, NOT THE UNBORN :elephant: :us:

(I think I saw the phrase in Factsheet Five, years ago)


I’m assuming a sarcasm tag, because reading that turned my stomach.

It’s not surprising, and who know what will happen now that “they are saying the quiet parts aloud.”


Oops, yes:


Same goes for its original context, wherever it was that I saw it