Trumpcare would leave 23 million fewer insured by 2026, CBO forecast of GOP health bill shows


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##Working as intended.


This bill means thousands of Americans die/go bankrupt/have to choose who they’ll pay to keep alive but it also means a 1% can afford to buy a major sport team and not settle for a franchise from Philadelphia or shudder Pittsburg.


Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce to you you’re all American Death Panel!

(scattered applause)


Wait, wait, wait!! I thought the death panels were from the Democrats! You mean the TGOP were the ones with the death panels?!?



Their futures and those of their children and parents endangered, and yet … tens of millions of citizens will still continue to believe that the country’s most prominent grifter for 30+ years is a competent businessman who just wants to Make America Great Again and that the GOP is the party of the ordinary working guy. Born suckers, all of them – it’s no bloody wonder that neoliberal globalism left these ignorant and spiteful fools behind.



FUCK every one of those sadistic politburo motherfuckers.


To. The. Surprise. Of. No. One.


How can any human be ok with this?


He needs to be packing a penis substitute on his back and wearing a red MAWA…um I mean MAGA hat for it to be Republican Jesus.


Oh foolish human! You assume that the TGOP and 45 are human to begin with!


Lack of sympathy and empathy. These people have never been in dire medical-financial trouble, and can’t even imagine what it would be like, so rather than do the hard thing of really facing that, they default (probably unconsciously) to assuming it never happens at all.


Don’t forget “ensuring that unemployment remains enough of a lethal threat that our peasant workforce is kept too terrified to organise for decent conditions”.


I know. Using a graphic with a break in the Y-axis is terrible.

(yes, okay, /s. we all know the real awful thing is that there’s no projection that goes to zero).


Remember how House Republicans kept saying they didn’t want to wait for the CBO forecast before pushing the AHCA through to a vote?



They’re nothing but creeps, crooks, and cretins.


I had difficulty telling if that is a parody tweet - multiple Republicans have actually come right out and said that, with varying degrees of explicitness. Satire is impossible with these people.

It’s amazing that still works on some people, despite the fact that the Republicans at this point couldn’t make it more obvious that they’re the party of making rich people richer (regardless of what that does to the economy or anyone else in it).


You’re right. It couldn’t be more obvious. Throw in the fact that Trump has backed down on almost 100% of his campaign pledges, and the mass hypnosis starts looking like a reasonable explanation.

I will lock up Hillary.* I will release my taxes. I will separate myself from my business interests. I will tell China they’re currency manipulators. My replacement for Obamacare will give everyone better and cheaper insurance. And on and on.

*Yes, this was a stupid pledge. And, no, he didn’t have the power to do it anyway.