GOP abandons vote on health care repeal after CBO predicts 22 million would lose insurance


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This makes no sense. The only analogy I can think of is Dunkirk (where the GOP are, no surprise, the Germans).

The Senate could not be ignorant of how (roughly) the CBO was going score their bill.

Why would they send up a bill that they knew they’d have to retreat from?

Why would they retreat from the bill when they know they can pass it? (All the disabling hold-outs are those who think the bill didn’t go far enough.)

I’m entirely confused here. I was all ready to fatalistically accept the Senate to pass a bill as equally as draconian as the House’s, and signed with a loutish flourish in a rose garden ceremony. The damage is already done. I would have thought the GOP’s strategy would be to push it through and then continue to blame Obama, Pelosi, and the Democrats for the caustic effects of the bill; with doublethink, a hivemind, jerrymandering, voter suppression, and the potent organs of propaganda the GOP wields, you could get away it.

Icing on cake: hilarious that Spicer again was “not allowed” to appear on camera at today’s press conference.


Those 50 comfortable people versus 22 million or more without health coverage.
Sounds like each one of those comfortable people should be receiving about 440,000 letters each between now and return from their break.


We are going to need more room in Hell.

Now taking bets on how many town halls will be held in republican districts over the recess.



I’ve yet to see anyone opposed to this state what I think is a rather obvious question:
“How is this BETTER for the American People than Obamacare?”


Thanks, Obama.



Duh, it doesn’t have the word “Obama” in it.


The Republicans are letting the Democrats escape because Trump hopes he can do a deal with them?

I genuinely don’t follow your analogy.


They’re a party of ideologues, but a handful of them apparently have to be convinced again by McConnell and the leadership that GOP voters will be suckers enough to vote for them next election, this time after supporting a bill that takes away their health insurance.


These repeated vain attempts to replace Obamacare are probably doing more to increase costs than anything they’re complaining about. The health care industry doesn’t like uncertainty.

Ironic since they’re the ones who decided to name it after him.


It is BETTER for 1 per cent of the American People…that’s good enough.


We will not be on the bill this week, but we will still be working to get at least 50 people in a comfortable place,” McConnell today said.

Meaning McTurdle has a week for bribery, back room deals and threats as needed to get them “comfortable”.


GOP holdouts need time to consider bribes and such that’ll magically flip them.

Just waiting now for Trump to blame the Democrats for the delay.


I could be wrong, but I think one holdout said it went too far. I’ll check NPR where I got that from.


Were they disappointed that 22 million was too high or too low?


From a town hall. Jesus. This guy should be put on prime time TV.


Healthcare is in complete limbo. I have no confidence paying into such a system. Same with the American economy in general.



Working on that for you.