Magic trick gives you X-ray vision

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Great trick invented by the Tenyo company’s Toru Suzuki.

So how does it work?

Magic, duh.

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Seeing as how they never have the card face in the direction of the thing in the little demo, how is this about “looking through” the metal plate? Might as well use something else.

(I assume the demo is just not well thought through?)

Plaid/check shirts FTW! Cory, where’s yours, hmm?

I think there must be mirrors/lenses in the top of the frame that, in a similar way to a pinhole camera, project a view from the top of the frame on the frontside on to the metal panel on the rear. The reason it can see the card that faces away from the frame is that the volunteer places it leaning against the metal sheet, meaning that its value can be seen from above.

Motley crew.

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