Watch: Magician Cyril Takayama works the streets of Tokyo


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That’s a pretty sweet trick.


How da FUK did he do that???


video editing and actors.


yeah that was pretty awesome. he does the ‘levitation’ trick which everyone knows how to do these days ;p but the leaning old man trick starting at 32 minutes is amazing. david blaine does that card-stuck-to-window trick in one of his old tapes but i think he sticks the card to the inside im pretty sure. not knowing exactly (non-japanese speaker here) what hes saying makes it so you can appreciate his charisma more, i think. so cool.


yeah, sometimes the beauty of magic lies in the execution regardless of whether you know how it’s done.

Penn and Teller’s transparent cups captures this brilliantly. I especially like the way they deliberately half ass the first run through, like, you can see where the trick is being done because they are practically pointing out all of the sleight of hand moves. When they do it with the transparent cups though, their technique is flawless and you can appreciate it all the more because you know what moves to look for.


He palms the card early on, passes it to an accomplice who then runs outside (crouching below the window) and watches for the cascade of cards. With a bit of sticky stuff applied it sticks when tossed up against the glass by the accomplice on the outside.

Unfortunately the camera starts zooming early so we don’t see the card come up from below.


What the slow-mo replay, just before the zoom-in you can see a hand toss up the card on the outside…


I believe that is the 4 of hearts flipping over as it falls down the window. There’s a suspicious break in his projecting of the cards at the window and the second bunch kind of stick to the window for slightly longer which seems to be an effect of the cards behind pushing them onto the window… but I don’t think this is a practical trick. Would love to be proved wrong though.


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