Magical hummingbird slow-motion video shot on a smartphone

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Thanks for reminding me to fill the feeder.


I love it when they spread out their tail feathers, they look like miniature eagles, thunderbirds, or dinosaurs.


You know the wings are buzzing like mad, but even with the body swaying to counterbalance, the head always remains perfectly stable…

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And yet, they can’t remember the words…


I’ll be here all week folks. Remember to tip your waiters…


Hummingbirds always leave me wondering if the laws of thermodynamics actually apply to them.

Magical hummingbird slow-motion video shot on a smartphone an iPhone X.

I know house style is to never portray Apple in any way that might approach a positive light, but come on. :wink:

They really are the cutest dinosaurs!


Hummingbirds are bad-ass.


taken with a 2009 model sony cybershot, absolutely my favorite cheap camera i have ever owned. the 2010 “upgrade” made the cybershot awful almost to the point of being useless except as a paperweight.


I’ve tried to shoot hummingbirds with an analog Nikon and they would fly out of the frame on hearing the shutter.

It sort of looks like they are suspended from the head, the way they wobble in the air like that. Very, very cool.

Thanks for making me look this up!

The first rubythroat I saw this year, I went to pull in the feeder to put fresh food in it, and the little beast buzzed me for messing with his food source, lol.

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so, pics great, but why skip the audio?! and, admitted, my video is sub-standard:

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true why miss the audio

I shoot chickens in slow motion with my iPhone, but for hummingbirds I use an SLR with a big-ass zoom lens. Being able to capture them like this, however…

While it wasn’t cheap by a longshot, my Cybershot F505 from 2000 or so seemed to produce great photos from the camera almost every single time.

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First year feeding, very sparse for the for the first few months but now have dozens of visits a day. Best thing is some of them make a squeaky chirp before feeding so I don’t have to rely on my peripheral vision to alert me. Woo hoo! :grin:

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