Magician Rudy Coby's Magic vs. Science week at Magic Castle in LA


I work just a mile or so from the Magic Castle (as a science teacher!) and would love to take my two kids to a show like this, but I’d always heard that the only way you can visit the Magic Castle is to be invited by a member or be an official magician or something. Getting into that place is one trick I could never figure out.

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My name for the laws of physics is “repeatable magic”.

I for one am sick and tired of goody-goody magicians like Penn and Teller debunking all the mystery out of the universe. We need old-fashioned charlatans, who will cast doubt upon scientific principles, even ones as established as the Big Bang, or natural selection. Through sheer bamboozlement, they could…

What? Oh. Never mind.

Just make sure you don’t make the same mistake that Tobias Fünke did when he went looking for the fictional version.

Yep, have to find connections. Also, it’s not free.

Ask around – all it takes is a friend of a friend…
A co-worker brought a group of us there – her boyfriend’s father was an accountant (or something) for a member.

Now I need friends. This is too much of a hassle.


Hey, I’d like something that says “Daddy likes leather”, but currently I’m only buy curious.


Also keep in mind that (except for 2 or 3 special nights a year, along with weekend brunches) the Magic Castle is a 21+ venue. If you want to take your kids, you would have to limit it to brunch.

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