Maine shooter found dead

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“Immediately after deadly mass shooting, Bizarro Caucus ensure likelihood of future deadly mass shootings.”


At least the people of Maine can now emerge from lockdown, although it’s shameful that they had to in the first place.

Speaking of shameful, here is a list of the non-GOP Senators who voted in favour of the “guns for mentally disturbed veterans act”.

[Jon] Tester is in a tough reelection battle where his Republican opponents have sought to tie him to Democratic-supported, gun control measures. All of the other Democrats or independents who typically vote with Democrats who supported the amendment are also up for reelection in 2024: Sens. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va.; Jacky Rosen, D-Nev.; Kyrsten Sinema, I-Ariz.; and Angus King, I-Maine.


This was the 565th mass shooting, and the deadliest so far, in 2023

Republicans, being God fearing folk, are really trying to hit the magic number 666 in their quest to drive the country to hell where they will be most comfortable.


101 more to go. Considering the current rate at about 56.5/month with 2 months left, we may reach it. :sob:


And in a week’s time the gunfuckers will be telling everyone that the lockdown wasn’t that bad, and perhaps even good. In another week the story will be that it was an overreaction and that a good guy with a gun would have stopped him. Two weeks later a denial that the lockdown even happened.


Duck everyone who wants to discourage gun owners from getting mental health treatment. Because that’s the effect: “if I go to the doc, they’re going to take my guns away, so I can’t go to the doc”.

And the bill isn’t “mentally incompetent veterans get guns”. It’s “ veterans that get appointed a fiduciary to help with finances get guns”, unless a judge says no guns. Because it’s good to actually follow due process, and make sure people get the help they need without unduly penalizing them.

That’s also a problem with dementia sufferers who don’t want their driver’s licenses taken away if they’re diagnosed. And yet somehow they end up diagnosed and we have fewer people who aren’t capable of driving a car safely on the road. Both policies are for people who have already been diagnosed.

In states where it’s mandatory for doctors to report a diagnosis to the DMV, no-one is challenging the law on the basis that it discourages people from going to the doctor – especially not doctors themselves. In this case the VA was opposed to this dangerous policy. But why listen to experts who deal with these issues on a daily basis, right?

Unfortunately, the gun ends up in the hands of the veteran who’s not mentally capable of handling his finances, not in those of the fiduciary. What could go wrong if a mentally disturbed veteran (maybe one in say, Maine) gets his hands on a weapon?

But let’s pretend that it’s some great injustice to take away access to a dangerous item (one much less vital to everyday life than a car) from someone who’s been deemed mentally incompetent by medical experts.


Maybe NO ONE should have access to weapons of war… just a thought… Not sure why ANYONE needs a fucking AR. Ever. AT ALL. Because there are far too many people in our country who don’t give two shits about the lives of others and will go out and murder a ton of people because they get a fucking hangnail. Worshipping guns cause they’re “cool” is no longer a fucking defensible position. Too many people have died for no reason.


I find that I lack words which are fitting enough for this latest heinousness… except to say that I am glad the people of Maine can stop worrying about this particular mass shooter.



And you think having them go to the doc who then ignores what they need to be doing is a step up?
“Doc, I’m hearing voices that tell me to kill and need treatment. But also, I don’t feel like giving up my gun, and I don’t want to bother with pills. This is totally fair to put on you to figure out hamstrung by those conditions.” :unamused:

How often do people actually avoid seeking treatment to keep their firearms, anyway? Because it sounds more like a hypothetical to excuse awful policy. Countries that do things based on what works do better than ones that base things off thought experiments.


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We need this on some t-shirts…


It also beats the same old, long-dead horse of demonizing all folks with any mental health issues… which nowadays is damn near everyone, whether they have been officially diagnosed, or not.

We live in truly insane times, so it’s ridiculous to expect that very many of us will have anything anywhere near an ‘ideal state’ of mental health.

People need to stop blaming one of the many symptoms and start recognizing the root cause…


It might be a little verbose for that, but thank you. :sweat_smile:


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Nah, we can make it fit!


Okay…now extend the idea that such a doctor can choose not to report such problems and take it to it’s logical conclusion and a single death is pretty much the best case scenario.

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Newsflash: the threat is still here.


Heck. An admission to the actual facts of the shootings? That would be an improvement (and not guaranteed to 100% supplant the bs below):

(source: media matters) Following the deadly October 25 mass shootings in Maine, numerous verified X accounts with tens of thousands of followers claimed that they were a “false flag” or planned by the government.


Perhaps clever graphics coupled with minimum of words?



There’s a huge difference between seeking counseling and being committed.

But I’m sanguine about the risk if counseling brings someone dangerous to the notice of the authorities as well.