Major brands' ads are showing up on climate deniers' Youtube videos

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Why do they need to bother buying advertising?


Murdoch, Prager, the Kochs, and the rest of the denialists may escape the international tribunals for crimes against humanity, but their names will be cursed by generations to come. YouTube and Facebook and Twitter won’t get off lightly, either, for the feckless greed that gave these scumbags a platform.


I hope for a future where their names are classed as being among the Benedict Arnolds and Vidkun Quislings of history, partly because that means we will have a future.


I think you have it backwards: relatively benign ads from Samsung, Uber, etc ended up as pre-rolls to far-right climate change denial videos.

I would assume the advertisers were not happy about being associated with fringe content. However, this is not evidence of a Koch-funded conspiracy. It’s just shitty ad targeting on YouTube’s part.

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That, and climate deniers seem to be more gullible- I mean, spend more money.

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