Make America Eight Again: U.S. drops to #8 on "Best Countries" list


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We’ll drop out of the top 10 if ⊥rump gets a second term.


A “Best Countries” list eh? Maybe its my current mood but that sounds like a pissing contest to me.


"Make America Eight Again" trump’s original campaign slogan. More to do with age less about anything else.


And still overrated.


Errr… Why, on that picture, Trump is holding a former flag of the Republic of Macedonia ?


You’re not saying there could be anything subjective about this list, are you? They measured everybody with a bestometer, fair and square.


Eh, don’t worry, we are just sandbagging it so it can go up 3 spots for the next election.


I also have no doubt that the UK’s ranking on this and similar lists will plummet after Brexit.

I prefer the rankings lists based on more narrow criteria, but if we’re being honest the top 10 on any of those lists or their aggregates usually turn out to be drawn from the same 15 or so countries (wealthy liberal democracies with relatively strong middle classes, engagement with international trade and orgs, single-payer health insurance and gun control, usually Western and often Northern European). Both the US and the UK seem to be assiduously working themselves out of those 15 to join the likes of China in the next 10, where it’s mainly about wealth.


It’s only appropriate, our president is also 8.


Excellent catch!



“Fake news!”

(Sorry, too obvious?)


The order is:
Switzerland, Canada, Germany, UK, Japan, Sweden, Australia, US.

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Man I’m skeptical of this list. I bet they’re using weird economic metrics that don’t reflect quality of life for actual human beings.

Can’t speak for some of these countries, but putting the UK and USA in the top ten best countries seems a little delusional.


How are we at eight, even? I’m guessing just sheer economic size over anything else.

I’m surprised they’re so high on the list, too. The Brexit vote alone had a preliminary negative impact (although obviously it’s going to get much, much worse if it goes ahead), and years of austerity and privatization have taken their toll.

Yeah, that would explain why the UK is ahead of all of Scandinavia, for example. It doesn’t make much sense otherwise.


Num-Ber Three!
Num-Ber Three!
Btw., we still acept refugees here.
So if you Americans want to come over before OB Poopface drives the country completely up the wall, you´re welcome!



So where the hell is Norway?