Make crazy 3D houses with Brick Block

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… for a rather more accessible one, I do like how it tries to realistically deal with negative space.


talks like a freaking architect

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This is a fun and beautiful project, I really like the transformation animations. That’s a nice touch. I also appreciate that the author published a small, specific, deeply stylish project with a tidy set of constraints, rather than forever delay release of a project that would let you do anything. Independent game/app development is truly coming into it’s own as a vehicle for personal artistic expression.

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Skyscraper blocks plz!

fun with balconies


Blockxus Maximus

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Sundeck Mega-ultimata-max …
(umbrellas and lap pools not included) :slight_smile:


One thing I could not figure out was how to delete a block. Tried the obvious keys and key combos, but none worked.

In the gif on the post the operator appears to be deleting blocks. How?

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Right-click (or rather, since i’m on a mac, control click) worked for me.

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I’m on Mac too and Control-Click is adding blocks just like a regular click. :frowning:

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Maybe my trackball driver is sending something other than control-click for right-click, then. But i can’t imagine what. Sorry. :cry:

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Duuude. My cybernetically-enhanced corporate hit squad salutes you.

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Are those things with drawers supposed to be bee hives? I’m all for honey, but I’m not sure an apartment complex like what this program is presumably creating is the right place for them.

Looks nice. Pity it’s unusable when you use NoScript or anything like that. I prefer WebGL to be play on click only, but this site sends me back from where I came as soon as it detects WebGL is unavailable, so I don’t have the change to turn it on.

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