Make IKEA's iconic meatballs at home

Although, annoyingly, unless you score for some nice old plate ones from a boot sale or the like, all modern crappy teaspoons are 2.5 ml, and dessert spoons (which every idiot thinks are tablespoons), are approx 10-15 ml.


I did almost include dessertspoon in with tablespoon and teaspoon but decided not to muddy the waters as it is a long time since I saw it used in a recipe. But yes, us oldies do know that a dessertspoon is not a tablespoon. :wink:

Which is why my cutlery drawer has a separate area for tablespoons that are only used for serving and measuring and never for actually eating. The term ‘serving spoon’ as a substitute for tablespoon might tell those unaware that there is a difference between dessert and tablespoons to think again, except that I’m sure that there are many serving spoons that are nothing like a proper tablespoon measure, and probably a whole slew of people who serve with dessertspoons anyway.



That’s so stupid. If you say something that came to the country in the 18th century isn’t traditional cuisine by now, then almost none of the recipes we think of as traditional in any culture can be claimed by them. Nationalists, man. I wonder if those same nationalist Turks are willing to give up the claim to anything containing pul biber or tomatoes to the new world.

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I followed the directions but I think I did something wrong:


“May contain traces of nuts…”


Just to be clear, it was not me saying it, I was merely drawing attention to an earlier post on this blog that was drawing attention to someone else saying it. Another someone else thinks it is an honour.

From the earlier article:

Apparently, feelings on the revelation, in Turkey are mixed.

This week in Turkey’s meatball capital, Inegöl, a local chef, İbrahim Veysel, told the Dogan news agency it was an honor that the Turkish dish should have become “an example to different cuisines all over the world”.

Others were less happy. Serdar Çam, president of the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency, complained that Ikea, which sells 2m meatballs a day in its in-store restaurants should not be selling the dish as though it were Swedish.

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Well played, sir. Well played.

(Although the pedant in me points out that nuts go with bolts, not screws.) :wink:


When I was growing up, my kindly nextdoor neighbor used to make me similar meatballs, but with a base of french onion soup for the sauce. I still make it the same way, though I add mushrooms and rice.

Meatballs are a staple everyone should know how to make.


Oh, yeah, no, that was clear. I was angry at the article, not you.


I think there were nuts and bolts on my Poang chair.

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Plus IKEA uses thoes weird retaining-dodads anyway :smiley:

That, uh, recipe wouldn’t even be vegetarian, though. Nice try, I guess?

I would deffo enjoy the actual recipe for Ikea’s zero-corpse-matter veggie-balls.


Good catch. They use vegan gelatin in both the meatball and bookshelf recipes. Thanks.

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I was distracted by the sawdust. I wouldn’t est that, so the gelatin didn’t matter.

So do they use agar?

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I just measured my flatware against my measuring spoons using salt. One tablespoon of salt becomes a heaping soup spoon, while the teaspoon holds exactly 1 teaspoon. Very satisfying to know.

(Flatware is IKEA Dragon. Not because I am an IKEA fanboy (I may be) but because my fibromyalgia requires me to use utensils that don’t hurt. The only other utensils that were comfortable to the hand were out of my price range. The design of these are brilliant, because the little bend at the end means you can turn them over on a bowl or pan rim and they don’t fall in. I learned that accidentally after years of using them.)


A teaspoon is a teaspoon because it hold exactly enough tea to make cup of tea.

The measurements are derived from the tableware. But since teaspoons are the only place where the flatware still potentially has the practical use that made it a measure it’s the one that tends to still match the measure.


We used to go to IKEA just for dinner or lunch. It seems something changed about the time they went from serving roasted (boiled?) potatoes to mashed potatoes, and it just doesn’t seem as good.

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