Make nearly any flavor of chewing gum, in your microwave

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I can’t imagine that homemade chewing gum would have lasting flavor, maybe certain ingredients would be able to last longer though so some testing would be interesting.

Will this be the next big hipster artisanal hand crafted craze?

Use a microwavable container that you can throw away afterward, because getting this stuff out of a glass bowl takes longer than the whole making the gum process. Trust.

Surely there’s a less needlessly wasteful (if you plan to do this regularly anyway) way as well, a liner in the bowl perhaps?

One could use a liner for sure if someone didn’t want to deal with any cleanup, but i think that using a glass bowl would work if immediately afterward you put oil in the container and worked it into the gum residue before it hardens. It should help loosen the gum and get rid of its stickiness.

Half a pint of trichlorethane, then pop it back in the microwave for ten minutes :smiley:

All I have to say upon watching this is why the hell is bitters flavored gum not a thing!?


Chef de gomme, surely?

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I’m totally going with the this artisanal favoring:

For anyone who uses the word “artisanal” when referring to chewing gum…

You underestimate people’s willingness to try awful things


Sadly, I’ve actually tried the bacon soda… It tastes a fair bit like bacon.

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I’ve tried a beer that had some “Bacon flavor to it”. It was awful.

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On a father’s day many years ago I had bacon vodka. We were having breakfast as coffee house/bar we were semi regulars at and the owner came in with it and offered some for free. It was actually pretty good as I am not a big fan of vodka.

I can regale you with my tale of woe for the beer that i tried but i would have to dig up a post from some years ago from a different forum. Currently at work. But it was nasty. To not waste the beer i ended up using it to cook black beans in a slow cooker, and that application was much much nicer.

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I don’t chew gum because of the great iron suspension bridge that is all my dental work. I was thinking I’d just flavor it “Teflon” and fix both problems (teeth and bowl).

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I made some bacon vodka once, and it suffered from the same issue that the soda did. It had a really weird meaty/oily mouth feel to it despite not being actually oily. It’s a little disturbing in anything other than a good broth/soup.

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As quoth Primus:

“Grab yourself a can of pork soda; you’ll be feelin’ just fine. Ain’t nothing quite like sitting round the house, swillin’ down them cans of swine.”

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