Make your own Ballpoint Penball miniature game

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Cute. But I would definitely take it to the next level:

“Minutes Of Fun!”


Back in the 1970s we were less jaded. Things like this (although often with little pockets to catch the balls as in Pachinko) were common and considered fun toys.


I had a pachinko game as a kid in the 70’s, so my comment wasn’t jaded-- I honestly remember it being pretty boring. That said, I think the act of making this would be more than 90% of the fun.


I also had a Pachinko and found it pretty boring. The thing would have been lots more fun if it could have been used as originally intended as a Japanese slot machine.


These things must have been all over the used market in the 70’s. The one my Dad bought when I was a kid is currently in my closet, waiting to be restored (for sentimental reasons only – even as a little kid, I got bored with it easily, though I loved the racket it made).


I’m remembering now that there were tons of cheap, tiny plastic mechanical games back then, miniature pachinko, but also numerical slide puzzles that sort of prefigured Rubiks Cube, tiny clear cubes where you rolled a ball bearing through a maze, and Tomy made some that had little gears or wind-up mechanisms. I think these are what @jhbadger is referring to. I’ll grant these were kinda fun at the time, but I can’t say we ever really engrossed in them.

I remember playing some variation on the race car game in the bottom right, but we quickly tired of it, not much more fun than rolling dice to see who gets the highest number.


I think that’s the whole point.

This video was great; short, to the point, didn’t have to listen, no 10 minutes of two bros cracking lame jokes to each other first.

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