Modding a vintage Japanese pachinko arcade game

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Saw this on his channel earlier and it’s a really neat project. Would’ve been equally as interesting if Ben had done one from scratch

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Does the mod make it unboring to play cuz pachinko is just deadly dull on its own.

My dad had an almost identical machine back in the early 80’s that I remember playing with for hours. Sadly it stopped working and we couldn’t find anybody who knew how to repair it so eventually it succumbed to a discount table at a garage sale.

Actually a pretty complex machine for it’s time.


OMG! That is the exact model of Pachinko machine my brother brought back from Japan.

Now, given the amount of …alternate facts…he told in his time, I have to think this was the tourist model and not whatever fanciful story he had for how it came into his possession

But, still, OMG. I spent YEARS playing with that model machine and figuring out how it all worked.


Ha that’s funny, I was thinking its the same one that I used to have. Maybe that model was really common? Mine had a mix of english and japanese writing on the back. so I’m guessing it was made for the american market. I gather there were a jillion of them imported to America in the 70s. Mine was in far worse shape than the one here and I could never get all the little levers to cooperate to do anything complicated like register a jackpot, so it went back to the Craigslist from whence it came.

The one at mom’s house was reduced to slag in the fire. Sigh.

Oof bummer. Well, if you ever want another one, have a look on Craigslist. There’s fully 20 of them for sale in the SF Bay Area at the moment, many cheap and I have a feeling the prices are negotiable…

I feel the memories of a Pachinko machine are worth more than owning a Pachinko machine at this stage of life.

But I’ll keep CL in mind if ever I feel nostalgia over taking me as it is wont to do.

How is Pachinko a game? Is there some skill involved? I thought it was effectively just a slot machine.


I’m guessing you’re not an 8 year-old boy in the era before video games and cable tv.

Or drunk.


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