Make your own TSA universal luggage keys


I feel lucky there is an Amtrak line from where I live to where my mom lives. When I go to visit I can take that and it only takes about 2 hours longer than flying. It’s cheaper and I get more legroom then I can use.


Latches generally only come on rigid hard sided cases. The light polycarb ones are still zip so you have to trade off between weight and strength.


You could also just buy a set of the keys.


I’m all about the zip ties. (fluorescent green most recently.) I try to leave multiple extra in plain view, just inside near where I left the zippers, but so far noone’s given me the courtesy of re-securing my searched luggage.

After all the news, I was almost disappointed to miss out on an enhanced grop^H^H^H^H pat down.


This only works on domestic flights:

Brings new meaning to “Packing heat.” And you thought the 2nd amendment was useless!


everyone hates on the TSA but at least when we left an article of clothing at the checkpoint by accident, their lost & found picked it up right away and we got it a week later, after sending a prepaid UPS label by email. i guarantee you that pre-TSA the odds of this happening would be about 5%. half the time the checkpoint security guards did not speak english, at least at SJC. lost keys? they were gone and no one could/would even talk to us about it.


It’s more like 2% now. Time for you to play the lottery.

I know this is more the airline then tsa, but a few months back no one could find my suitcase or tell me what city it had been mistakenly delivered to, or if it was even in the system.

whenever i fly from small airports to large ones, i’m never hardly checked at the small airport and never rechecked at the large one. airport security is a joke.


that can’t possibly be true. they got back to me in fewer than 24 hours after i reported the item missing and shipped the thing out the day after i sent the label and the form. it may have helped that the item was somewhat distinctive, but i just don’t see how this case could be an outlier. i’m sure many, many things were left behind at LAX that day.

i know it’s impossible to comprehend but these security lines were even more of a joke before the TSA. i for one appreciate the standardization. the procedures at all airports are pretty much the same now. if the only thing that happened is that all employees have to be able to speak english, that’s enough for me.


it is.

hasn’t just happened to me, it happens to countless users every year. they have an entire system in place to auction off luggage that they have no idea who it belongs to. you can read up on if you’d like.

i got a free t-shirt and tooth brush that day, and eventually some claim forms for partial reimbursement.
the entire process is standardized, because it happens ALL THE TIME.

hahahahahaha. good one. i’ve flown extensively pre and post TSA/911, post is a PITA and a joke, night and day difference. Anyone who has flow pre security theater would go back to that in a second.

Do you work for the TSA? I’ve never heard anyone defend them…ever.


I’ve made a better 007 key since the video was made


so they have a process to get rid of unclaimed losses? you don’t say. wow.

it was security theater before and after, but now it’s more standardized. the day we lost our keys at SJC someone got thru with a gun and they had to shut down the whole terminal. happened before the TSA, happens after the TSA.

i don’t work for the TSA. i’m simply a realist and not a reactionary. again, as i said, as an engineer i appreciate the standardization and the fact that at least every employee needs to know how to communicate in the primary language of this country. when i go to any airport, i know what’s going to happen. before that sometimes i’d go thru security at some big airport like LAX and make it thru the metal detector without taking off my belt. then i’d go thru some podunk midwestern airport where the rent-a-cops thought they were preventing WWIII and my fillings would set off the metal detector. next to impossible to tell when it was safe to go thru security with a foil-wrapped cucumber in my pants.

seriously if you went back in time to 2000 i’m not sure you’d find a lot of people willing to defend airport security practices and the people who worked there. it’s not like we went thru a golden age of airport security before 9/11 and now it’s some kind of hell. it’s always been some kind of hell. it’s just a more predictable hell now.


Someone could take a picture of a printout of their Private Key, and we’d all be screwed.


a realist who says it “cannot possibly be true” that they had no clue where my bags were or even if they were in the system at all, yet snarks when i point out that they have a huge dedicated system in place to deal with this exact issue and that it happens to hundreds of passengers every day.

a realist who thinks the post 9/11 TSA system is better then the pre 9/11 TSA system. no one is claiming that pre-tsa was the golden age of security, just that things weren’t nearly as f’ed up as they are now. it wasn’t that bad at all before, it is HELL now for sure, and we arguably haven’t improved security that much as the recent security audits have shown.

i think we have very different definitions of realist…


It would be on a post-it and it would be revealed during a self-congratulatory behind the scenes interview about how awesomely secure it is


There are carryon luggages and there are lost luggages.


i didn’t say your situation is not true. i said that a 2% return rate on lost items at TSA checkpoints can not possibly be true given the alacrity with which they recovered and sent mine.

anyway we’re going to have to agree to disagree here. maybe we just had opposing anecdotal experiences.


OH. Because you couldn’t possibly be an outlier. Gotcha.


occam’s razor applies. but i guess it’s all a big conspiracy right? the TSA intentionally does the right thing from time to time so an army of satified customers will take to boingboing to sing their praises. right.




To detect tampering I buy coloured miniature cable ties. I am banking on the person opening the case to not be able to replace the ties. Of course, nothing will stop them getting in. I could break in to most suitcases with a few simple tools.