Maker jargon and slang for 2022

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Nice informative list, thankee!

Schmoo – Slang for any liquid or gelatinous substance oozing out of something that you’re working on. “Release the schmoo!” Popularized by potty-mouthed YouTuber, AvE.

schmoo, of course, has older connections to any pear shaped blob care of the the eponymous Al Capp character (…missed out how it proceeded via a “potty-mouth” [shrug])

(silly edit: wise readers will note the variant ‘c’ spelling. about all i can blather is that Al Capp spelled it without the ‘c’ (perhaps to distinguish it from the Yiddish connections) but that in ‘every’ micro (yeast) lab there’s a cartoon of a shmoo spelled “schmoo”. that is, it’s a quantum mechanical ‘c’)


“The idea is to allow parts of the already existing paint below to remain exposed.”

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Don’t do this without a judicious application of flux to the desired area, otherwise you just end up with a mess.


Holidays – A term used by professional painters and gilders/gold leafers to refer to gaps in coverage.

As a non-maker, the only expression besides “hero prop” that I knew. I learned it from my Dad (b. 1917) so I guess it’s been around awhile.

interesting. in my painting classes back in the day, we learned that term but with an “R” in there – “scrumbling.”

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