Maker Mayhem: Car Seat Dog Leash


Luckily, dog harness have come a long way since then.

Depends what point of history you’re talking about. Modern hanging procedure aimed for a snap neck and quick death. As little as 200 years ago they would string you up and watch you strangle for long ass time. If you had a good friend, they might pull on your legs to hasten your death.


As a cat lover, I approve this device.


Indeed. The author is conflating long and short drop hanging. Short drop hanging is still common as a method of suicide.


As a former student of physics(one year in High School, which should be sufficient) I know that a sudden, hard stop will cause the spongy, rubber ball to be un-wedged from the seat, as the dog makes it’s way into the floor board and reaches the end of the leash. However, if that stop is hard enough to cause the spongy, rubber ball to come loose, there are probably other greater problems to deal with at that time.

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The modern equivalent of this is letting the dog sit on the driver’s lap. In the event of an accident, pooch will be cradled in the warm embrace between an exploding airbag and the driver’s rib cage. Doggie will be completely unharmed!


Last year Center for Pet Safety and Subaru performed crash tests on harnesses with videos that show what happens

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I had never heard スバル used as a verb…

Oh God Matt, something might be wrong with me! Why is little-yappy-dog-going-splat so funny to me? I even HAVE a little dog. I LOVE him (he’s not yappy). But I have this image of some doting fool’s yappy dog, all dressed up in a sailor suit, being a barky nightmare. Then SCREETCH----roasted duck face. Wrong. So wrong.

The videos seem to be showing the vehicle moving backwards rather than in a crash. Even with that harness at a relatively low speed like 40mph, you’d think the dog’s ribs and neck would be broken, and then you’d have the front and side airbags punching the poor thing in the face. I’ll always be keeping dogs in the back. At least they’ll stand a chance there.

I agree that most modern hangings are intended to act quickly. However, public hangings in Iran don’t usually follow that model, instead involving commercial hydraulic cranes. If the many YouTube examples are insufficient, the season 3 finale for Homeland provides a dramatization.

A similar device is currently marketed. The difference is that instead of the rubber ball it attaches the dog to a seat belt, which possibly makes the matters discussed even worse.
It’s called Click and stay. Link below (Note: I do not endorse this product)

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