Maker Mayhem: Low Moments in How-To History, Part 7

The author does not seem to realize that refrigerators do not instantly attain ambient temperature just because you interrupt their power.

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Tough crowd. You do realize this is why the comments don’t appear right below the article anymore, right?

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Given the choice between the two pages, this is the one I don’t regret reading.


All of Matt’s columns seem to me to be snarky and overly critical.

It’s easy to tear down an idea, but harder to improve on one.

The process of creating is all about failures and sub-optimal solutions.

Nothing springs fully formed from the head.

Perfection is the enemy of the good enough. Etc.

Please find someone who makes things to write a column. Let Matt get back to writing snarky, edgy, interior design books full of sub-optimal solutions for ?blind? apartment dwellers.

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On the farm anything can be fixed with 8 gauge wire.


i have to say it’s BLOWING MY MIND that literally every dumb design-student ‘maker’ banana staircase or whatever that Cory posts gets a flood of concern-troll posts about how children will be chopped in half trying to use it or people weeping about how terrible that perfectly good utterly worthless books/pianos were destroyed to make it, yet an amusing series of mildly sarcastic writeups has everyone falling over each other to the defend these insanely dangerous/impractical/wasteful/environmentally-unsound 50’s DIY projects

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If such sarcastic writeups will be done in the future about today’s “insanely dangerous/impractical/wasteful/environmentally-unsound” projects, then I weep for the future.

I weep for today, too.

I should point out that Schlitz used to be the most popular beer is the US. (then, they let accountants screw with the recipe…)

My poor Grampa thought someting was the matter with him, and quit buying beer.

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I was reading about the Icyball and similar devices, thinking that these designs that could possibly be used with solar energy collectors.

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The whole thing about maker culture is that it’s okay if a design is impractical for 999 out of 1000 potential users, because nobody’s trying to sell it to those 999 people. The one guy who can actually use it validates the entire thing, and he can make it himself without having to worry about economies of scale.

The message from Maker Mayhem seems to be “if you design a special-purpose gizmo with little mainstream appeal, then you should be ashamed of yourself and never tell anyone.” That’s not a very good message.

And, you know, the people making the different posts you complain about are not necessarily the same people.

My dad and I built something like this for my Granddad’s boat, along with rebuilding a lawnmower motor into a 12v generator. It worked great and is still going strong 60 years later.

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